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Vinyl LPs zwischen 45 und 50 Euro

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Midnight Blue47.99 €
Leonard Bernstein - Piano Concertos (180g)45.99 €
Illusionary Sea45.99 €
Four Seasons -Lp+Cd-47.99 €
Jazz At Columbus Ave.45.99 €
Carmen-Fantasie47.99 €
Drive / O.S.T.49.99 €
I Am The Resurrection: A Tribute To John Fahey / V47.99 €
Symphonie No.747.99 €
Mein Vaterland [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
Peace45.99 €
Musique Fragile 01 (3LP + 3CD)49.99 €
Sinfonie 9 [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
Bending Bridges45.99 €
23, Assemblage: Vinyl Sessions49.99 €
500mg: Apocatastisis46.99 €
Ackamoor, Idris -& Cultur: Beginning Of The Second..46.99 €
Adaline: Modern Romantics48.99 €
Afterhours: Padania49.99 €
Alpha & Omega: Half Thats Never Been Told48.99 €
Amarth, Amon: Twilight Of The Thunder God (Vinyl)48.99 €
Anak Bayan: Anak Bayan49.99 €
Anima Sound: Musik Fur Alle [Vinyl LP]47.99 €
Anthrax: We‘ve Come For You All (White Vinyl)49.99 €
Area: Crac!46.99 €
Area: Maledetti46.99 €
Art Pepper: Smack Up [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
Asp: Zaubererbruder-Der Krabat Liederzyklus (Lim.3LP)49.99 €
Atrocity: Okkult Single Gatefold(Red)LP48.99 €
Austra: Olympia49.99 €
B-17: Wishing Won‘t Make It So48.99 €
B.C.,Bison: Dark Ages49.99 €
Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso: Darwin!45.99 €
Band, S.O.S.: S.O.S. -Hq-47.99 €
Barbie‘S Dead: Enough Space To Dream46.99 €
Barfod, Tomas: Salton Sea46.99 €
Barnes, Jimmy: Rhythm And The Blues, The (vin46.99 €
Beat, Action: Where Are You?45.99 €
Beatles: Thirty Weeks In 196345.99 €
Bee & Flower: Suspension49.99 €
Ben Harper: Live from Mars [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
Benjamin, Bea: African Songbird47.99 €
Beppe, Flint Juventino: Remote Galaxy op.81 (180g)49.99 €
Beyond, Captain: Captain Beyond49.99 €
Bjork: Volta [Vinyl LP]47.99 €
Black Tape For A Blue Gir: Remnants Of A.. -Lp+Cd-46.99 €
Blues Jam at Chess: Blues Jam at Chess [Vinyl LP]49.99 €
Bombay Show Pig: Vulture / Provider (180g) (Limited Edition) (Coloured Vinyl) (LP + CD)47.99 €
Brecker, Michael (1949-2007): Tales From The Hudson49.99 €
Brooks, Roy -Aboriginal P: Live At Montreux/Detroit47.99 €
Busker, Busker: Vol. 147.99 €
Byrd, Donald (1932-2013): Off To The Races45.99 €
Cafres, Los: El Paso Gigante49.99 €
Carlton Melton: Smoke Drip49.99 €
Carra, Raffaella: Replay -Ltd-47.99 €
Chaloff, Serge (1923-1957): Blue Serge45.99 €
Charlie Byrd: Byrd at the Gate [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
Clapton, Eric: Crossroads Guitar Festival 201345.99 €
Cole, Nat King: Where Did Everyone Go46.99 €
Cole, Nat King: St Louis Blues46.99 €
COLTRANE, JOHN: And johnny hartman47.99 €
COLTRANE, JOHN: A love supreme47.99 €
COLTRANE, JOHN: Ballads47.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): Ballads46.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): The Complete Nights Of 1-2 November46.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): Ole Coltrane -Hq-46.99 €
Concern: Truth & Distance49.99 €
Curtis Mayfield: Curtis [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
Dans, Dans: Freedom Suite -Hq-49.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Bootleg Series 2: Live In Europe ‘69 (180g)49.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Someday My Prince Will Come (180g)46.99 €
Days Between Stations: In Extremis -Ltd-45.99 €
Deep Purple: Concerto For Group & Orchestra(2002 Remix/Remaster49.99 €
Demilich: 20Th Adversary Of..49.99 €
Dexter Gordon: Dexter Calling [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
Dolphy, Eric (1928-1964): Out To Lunch45.99 €
Donaldson, Lou: Blues Walk45.99 €
Dreams In The Witch House: Violet Vinyl Double L.P. Record46.99 €
Drew, Kenny (1928-1993): Undercurrent45.99 €
Drugi Nacin: Drugi Nacin47.99 €
Egyptrixx: A/B Til Infinity49.99 €
Ella Fitzgerald: Sings the Harold Arlen Songboo [Vinyl LP]49.99 €
Ella Fitzgerald: Sings the Irving Berlin Songbo [Vinyl LP]49.99 €
Ella Fitzgerald: Ella Fitzgerald Sings the [Vinyl LP]49.99 €
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong: Porgy & Bess49.99 €
Ella Fitzgerald,Buddy Bregman‘S Orchestra: Ella Fitzgerald Sings the [Vinyl LP]49.99 €
Ernest Ansermet,Osr: Schwanensee Qs [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
Experience, Chickencage: An Eggspoiltation Movie46.99 €
Faint: Doom Abuse -Ltd-45.99 €
Faith, Blind: Super Giants46.99 €
Fang, Hooded: Gravez48.99 €
Fehler: Dissona47.99 €
Felton, Hilton: Best Of Hilton Felton47.99 €
Finch Scott: Velvet Groove [Vinyl LP]47.99 €
Fitzgerald, Ella: Clap Hands, Here.. -Hq-46.99 €
Fitzgerald, Ella & Louis: Again49.99 €
Freeland: Cope [Vinyl LP]47.99 €
Friday, Gavin: Catholic46.99 €
Fujako: Landform Erosion46.99 €
Gaines, Roy: I Got The T-Bone.. -Hq-45.99 €
Gale, Eddie -Band-: This Is Hot46.99 €
Gare Du Nord: Love For Lunch47.99 €
Gasolin: Stakkels Jim47.99 €
Georg Solti,Lso: Sinfonie 3 [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
George Smallwood: Just 4 You49.99 €
Ghq: Crystal Healing49.99 €
Goldman: On The Outside49.99 €
Gooliak, Ray: Home Away From Home49.99 €
Gorement: Within The Shadow Of Darkness47.99 €
Grander, Deluge: Heliotians49.99 €
Grates, The: Teeth Lost, Hearts Won48.99 €
Green,Grant: Green Street46.99 €
Gualazzi, Raphael: Happy Mistake47.99 €
Haden & Pat Metheny, Charlie: Beyond The Missouri Sky49.99 €
Haden/Hank Jones, Charlie: Steal Away49.99 €
Hansson & Karlsson: Man At The Moon46.99 €
Hartmut Geerken: Amanita46.99 €
Hayasaka, Fumio/Masaru Sa: Akira Kurosawa‘S Movie..46.99 €
Hellstrom, Hakan: Det Kommer Aldrig.. -Ltd-49.99 €
Henderson, Joe (1937-2001): In ‘n Out45.99 €
Hendrix,Jimi: Live 67/68 Paris/Ottawa45.99 €
Hollerado: White Paint46.99 €
Hoof, Cloven: A Sultan‘s Ransom (LP + CD)49.99 €
House, Bleak: Bleak House =Coloured=46.99 €
Hubbard, Freddie (1938-2008): Open Sesame45.99 €
Icehouse: Man Of Colours (180g) (Limited Edition)49.99 €
Ike Quebec: It Might As Well Be Spring [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
Impressions: Get Ready With the Impressions [Vinyl LP]49.99 €
Inc., Dub: Paradise46.99 €
Iron Maiden: Pd-Final Frontier -Hq-46.99 €
J.R.Monterose: J.R.Monterose45.99 €
Jan & Dean: Carnival Of Sound (Unissued Al46.99 €
Jazz Messengers: Hard Bop (200g) (Limited Numbered Edition)46.99 €
Johnny Griffin: Little Giant [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
Johnny Griffin: Kerry Dancers & Other Swinging [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
K.S. Chithra With Ilaiyar: K.S. Chithra47.99 €
Kennedys, Dead: Original Singles Collection46.99 €
Kenny Dorham: Whistle Stop [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
Kerouac,Jack: The Beat Generation According46.99 €
Laidback Luke: Electronic Satisfaction [Vinyl LP]48.99 €
Lewis, Vic: Plays Bossa Nova At..45.99 €
Lightning Head: 13 Faces of Lightning Head [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
Liles,Andrew: Miscellany Deluxe46.99 €
Lips, Flaming: Zaireeka49.99 €
Liptonians: Let‘s All March Back Into The Sea46.99 €
Liquid Visions: Lost Recordings [Vinyl LP]47.99 €
London Is the Place for Me: Vol.3-London Is the Place for [Vinyl LP]49.99 €
Los Salvajes: Solo Salvajes49.99 €
Lotos Eaters: Mind Control For Infants46.99 €
Lou Donaldson: Here Tis [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
Luyas: Animator49.99 €
Macabre: Pd-Slaughter Thy.. -Mlp-45.99 €
Marable, Lawrence: Tenorman45.99 €
Mariam The Believer: Blood Donation47.99 €
Martin, Ben: The Endless Stream Of Everything49.99 €
Massive Attack: Blue Lines - 2012 Mix / Master (180g) (Deluxe Collector‘s Edition) (2 LP + CD + DVD + Poster)49.99 €
Master H: Thirteen [Vinyl LP]47.99 €
Mcferrin, Bobby: Beyond Words49.99 €
Mclean, Jackie: Swing, Swang, Swingin‘45.99 €
Mclean,Jackie: Jackie‘s Bag46.99 €
Miller-Heidke, Kate: Nightflight47.99 €
Mirror of Ocean: Mirror of Ocean [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
Mobley, Hank (1930-1986): Peckin‘ Time45.99 €
Moneen: Red Tree49.99 €
Montgomery, Wes (1925-1968): A Day In The Life46.99 €
Morgan, Lee (1938-1972): Lee Morgan Vol.345.99 €
Motel, Qualite: Motel California49.99 €
Mr.Big: What If...(Fanbox-Set I49.99 €
Mulligan & Chet Ba, Gerry: Carnegie Hall Concert47.99 €
Mumford & Sons: The Singles49.99 €
Municipal Waste: Hazardous Mutation [Vinyl LP]49.99 €
Muslimgauze: Uzi Mahmood47.99 €
Nadja/armchair Migraine J: Transmit Acoustic..49.99 €
Neil Young: Prairie Wind [200 Gram Vinyl] [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
Nekropolis: Musik aus dem Schattenreich47.99 €
Never Be the Same: Never Be the Same [Vinyl LP]48.99 €
O‘day, Anita: Anita Sings The Most46.99 €
Okeji, Segun: Afro Super Feelings46.99 €
Opgeduveld: Opgeduveld46.99 €
Ora: Ora [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
Orchestra, Kaizers: Maskineri47.99 €
Orchestre de la Suisse Romande: Der Nussknacker (Qs) [Vinyl LP]46.99 €
Oresund Space Collective: Phaze Your Fears47.99 €
Original Low Fi: Mad Men Butterfly ( €
P.F.M.: Celebration 1972-201245.99 €
Pell, Axel Rudi: Circle Of The Oath (Limited Deluxe Boxset) (Colored Vinyl)49.99 €
Pepper, Art (1925-1982): Modern Art45.99 €
Peterson, Oscar (1925-2007): We Get Requests46.99 €
Pharaohs: In The Basement47.99 €
Pharaohs: Awakening47.99 €
Plan,Getaway: Requiem (Vinyl)46.99 €
Polar: Still Moving [Vinyl LP]49.99 €
Rainbow: Long Live Rock ‘n‘roll46.99 €
Rattail: Rattail46.99 €
Red, Russian: Agent Cooper47.99 €
Rei, Panta: Naked Truth46.99 €
Report, Weather: Weather Report46.99 €
Ribbons, Black: Neuromancer-Lp47.99 €
Riley: Grandmas Roadhouse49.99 €
Rogers, Amanda: Hope From The Forgotten Woods49.99 €

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