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Vinyl LPs zwischen 35 und 40 Euro

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Elegant Gypsy39.99 €
Piano Sonatas No.30,3137.99 €
Cantate Domino35.99 €
Incontri-30 anni nel Classico36.99 €
Flee Past‘s Ape Elf37.99 €
Violin Concerto37.99 €
Mirrors38.99 €
Exotic Dances from the Opera (200 g)37.99 €
Diaries Of Hope (180g)36.99 €
Symphony No.437.99 €
Works For Solo Violin37.99 €
Violin Recital37.99 €
Violin Concerto In D Op7736.99 €
Le Sacre du Printemps35.99 €
Suites Per Violoncello Solo BWV 1007-100836.99 €
Sonata For Arpeggione37.99 €
Either/Or -Ltd-35.99 €
Audiophile Violin36.99 €
Easter Parade39.99 €
Symphony No.137.99 €
Improvisations36.99 €
Songs My Country Taught M37.99 €
Le Quattro Stagioni37.99 €
L‘ete39.99 €
Violin Conc.3/In E36.99 €
Violin Sonatas37.99 €
Now The Green Blade..35.99 €
Far Cry Iii (Blood Dragon36.99 €
Chess Club 1 / Various39.99 €
Cosmic Hallways39.99 €
Misa Criolla37.99 €
Bbc Jazz Club38.99 €
Born Out Of The Tears..36.99 €
Split39.99 €
Tyst For Fan36.99 €
Yamamoto Reiko Tempus Fugit39.99 €
Paganini For Two37.99 €
Vommol‘N36.99 €
I -Deluxe/Remast-36.99 €
Etudes, Opp.10 & 2536.99 €
16: Drop Out [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
20Belows, The: Late Nights37.99 €
A Frames: A Frames [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
A Minor Forest: Flemish Altruism/..36.99 €
a. Khachaturian: Gayne Ballet Suite [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Absolute Hardcore: Vol.3-Absolute Hardcore [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Absolute Old Skool Classics: Absolute Old Skool Classics [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Ace Frehley: Greatest Hits Live [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Adamus, Bernard: No.239.99 €
Ahn, Priscilla: A Good Day (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition)36.99 €
Aidan Unissued-O Rourke: An Tobar [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Ajram, Nancy: Greatest Hits39.99 €
Aleklint, Mats: Mats Alekling Quartet-Hq-36.99 €
Alexander, Eric -Quartet-: Chim Chim Cheree -Hq-39.99 €
Alice B: Alice B36.99 €
Alkberg, Mattias: Mattias Alkbergs Begravning36.99 €
Allman Brothers Band: The Allman Brothers Band (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition)37.99 €
Alphataurus: Live In Bloom35.99 €
Ambrose Slade: Beginnings39.99 €
Amon Duul Ii: Wolf City39.99 €
Amon Duul Ii: Phallus Dei37.99 €
Andrew Liles: Ouarda (the Subtle Art of...) [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Anthrax: Anthems-Red Vinyl37.99 €
Arc Of Ascent: Higher Key =Red=36.99 €
Arc Of Ascent: Higher Key =Orange=36.99 €
Architect: Mine -Ltd-36.99 €
Art Blakey: The Jazz Messengers (180g)36.99 €
Art Pepper,Art Pepper: So in Love [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Art Pepper,Art Pepper: New York Album [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Arthur: In Search Of38.99 €
Arthur, Marie-Pierre: Aux Alentours39.99 €
Artificial Peace: Complete Session Nov. ‘8139.99 €
Artikelimport 3: Salem In The Beginn.=Coloured=38.99 €
Asimov: Asimov36.99 €
Avec Pas D Casque: Astronomie (Frn)39.99 €
Avec Pas D‘Casque: Dommage Que Tu Sois Pris Ep37.99 €
Avskum: Uppror Underifran39.99 €
Baby Eagle: Dog Weather39.99 €
Band: Stage Fright (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition)36.99 €
Band: Music From Big Pink (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition)37.99 €
Band, The: The Band (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition)37.99 €
Band,Magic: Oxford Uk June 6th 200539.99 €
Banos, Roque: Evil Dead35.99 €
Barber, Matthew: Songs For The Haunted Hillbilly39.99 €
Barber,Jill: Mischievous Moon39.99 €
Barnes, Jimmy: Heat (vinyl)36.99 €
Basement Jaxx: Remedy [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Basics: Leftovers39.99 €
Batch: Wait ‘Til Tomorrow36.99 €
Bathory: Nordland I & Ii36.99 €
Beatles: The Beatles - White Album (remastered) (180g) (Limited Edition)39.99 €
Benji Kirkpatrick: Boomerang [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Bermuda Triangle: Bermuda Triangle36.99 €
Bermuda Triangle: Missing Tapes36.99 €
Bernstein, Leonard (1918-1990): Serenade fr Violine,Streicher,Harfe,Schlagzeug36.99 €
Bicycles, The: Stop Thinking So Much39.99 €
Bigott: This Is The Beginning..39.99 €
Billy Bragg & Wilco: Mermaid Avenue37.99 €
Billy No Mates: Duck Duck Goose!36.99 €
Billy Parker‘s Fourth World: Freedom Of Speech38.99 €
Biosphere: N-plants36.99 €
Bjork: Greatest Hits [Vinyl] [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Bjorler, Anders: Antikythera39.99 €
Blanche Blanche Blanche: 2wice 2wins39.99 €
Blood Brothers: Young Machetes [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Blood, Caladan: Echoes Of Ba.=Coloured=36.99 €
Blu: No York!37.99 €
Bob Dylan: Self Portrait [US-Import] [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Bodkin: Bodkin [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Booba: Ouest Side [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Boobyer, Daniel: Time Killed The Clock36.99 €
Boogaloo Joe Jones,Ivan ‘Boogaloo Joe‘ Jones,Ivan Boogaloo Jones: Sweetback [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Boulay, Soeurs: Le Poids Des Confettis36.99 €
Brahms,Johannes (1833-1897): Symphonien Nr.1-4 (120 g)39.99 €
Bratland, Ingebjorg: Heimafra36.99 €
Breath, Manticore‘S: Second Breath36.99 €
Broderick: Free To Rot Free Of Sin37.99 €
Brown, Danny: OLD39.99 €
Bruckner, Anton (1824-1896): Symphonie Nr.839.99 €
Buddy & Junior Wells Guy: Going Back to Acoustic [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Burn In Hell: Spiderfightcatwaterhate39.99 €
Callas, Maria: Great Arias From French Operas37.99 €
Calves, Golden: Collection: Money Band & Century Band37.99 €
Camper Van Beethoven: Key Lime Pie36.99 €
Canarios: Ciclos (180g Gatefold)39.99 €
Captain Beefheart & Magic Band: It Come to You in Plain Brown Wrapper [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Carolina Chocolate Drops: Leaving Eden (LP + CD)36.99 €
Catacumbas: Anal Wonderland39.99 €
Chadbourne, Eugene: Roll Over Berlusconi39.99 €
Charles Earland: Anthology [Jazz Funk & Beyond] [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Chevin, Caroline: Hey World39.99 €
Chicago: Chicago Vii -Ltd/Hq-39.99 €
Chosen Few: Really Gonna Punch You..36.99 €
Cisco: La Lunga Notte [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Cole,Nat King: After Midnight (180g) (Limited Edition)36.99 €
COLTRANE, JOHN: Coltrane jazz39.99 €
Cone, Urban: Our Youth36.99 €
Convulse: World Without God39.99 €
Corby, Matt: Live On The Resolution Tour Ep39.99 €
Cortina: Sound Of A New Day36.99 €
Cortini, Alessandro: Forse One39.99 €
Costello & The Attractions, Elvis: Punch The Clock (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition)37.99 €
Costello & The Attractions, Elvis: Imperial Bedroom (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition)37.99 €
Costello & The Attractions, Elvis: Almost Blue (180g) (Limited Edition)37.99 €
Costello, Elvis: King Of America37.99 €
Cousins: Palm At The End Of The Mind36.99 €
Cowboy Junkies: Whites Off Earth Now!! (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition)39.99 €
Cramps: Flamejob -Hq/Ltd-36.99 €
Crimson, King: Larks‘ Tongues In Aspic35.99 €
Crippled Black Phoenix: Night Raider37.99 €
Crisis, Dynastie: Live Au Golf Drouot39.99 €
Crocker,Jay: Co-Stars39.99 €
CROOKERS: Tons of friends36.99 €
Crystals: He‘S A Rebel39.99 €
Cudi, Kid: Indicud36.99 €
Current 93: Of Ruine Or Some Blazing Starre [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Daniela und Ann: Samba-Soul-Beat in Black & White [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Dark Buddha Rising: Dakhmandal39.99 €
Darkthrone: Blaze In A Northern Sky39.99 €
Datura: All Is One =Red=39.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): In A Silent Way37.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Sketches Of Spain (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition)37.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): ‘Round About Midnight37.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): E.S.P. -Ltd/Hq-38.99 €
Day, Green: 21st Century Breakdown39.99 €
Day,Dog: Deformer39.99 €
De Oz, Mago: Hechizos Pocimas Y Brujerias39.99 €
Dead Meadow: Three Kings (2xlp+Dvd) [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Dead, Grateful: Very Best Of (180g) (Limited Edition)39.99 €
Dead, Grateful: Dead Set (180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl/Limi39.99 €
Dead, Grateful: New Years Eve 198735.99 €
Death In June: Snow Bunker Tapes (Ep)39.99 €
Death In June: Black Angel - Live! (+ Bonus C39.99 €
Debris, Space: She‘S A Temple36.99 €
Decades: Decades (Vinyl)39.99 €
Decent,Mad: Vol. 1-Mad Decent39.99 €
Deerhoof: Friend Opportunity [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Deez Nuts: Bout It36.99 €
Depth Affect: Chorea EP36.99 €
Devecerski, Alina: Maraton36.99 €
Devo: Butch Devo And The Sundance Gig (Lp+Dvd)39.99 €
Dexter Gordon: Manhattan Symphonie [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Dexters: Shimmer Gold37.99 €
Dick Dale: Singles Collection 1961-65 [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Dino Rubino: Mi Sono Innamorato di Te [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Discharge: War Is Hell39.99 €
Disfear: Misanthropic Generation39.99 €
Diverse: Buddha-Bar V.4 [UK-Import] [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Division, Joy: Ymca 2-8-7937.99 €
Don Juan Matus: Mas Alla Del.=Coloured=36.99 €
Dozer: Beyond Colossal [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Drake, Nick: Bryter Layter -Hq-39.99 €
Drever,Mccusker,Woomble: Before the Ruin [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Dust: Dust (180g)39.99 €
Dylan, Bob: Side Tracks36.99 €
Dylan, Bob: Blood On The Tracks37.99 €
Eddie Higgins Solo Piano: Standard By Request: 1st Day [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Edge, Tangle: Serpentary Quarters39.99 €
Eldkvarn: Hunger Hotell [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Electroluminescent: Measures [Vinyl LP]37.99 €

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