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Vinyl LPs zwischen 35 und 40 Euro

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Eleni Mandell: Artificial Fire [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Elf: Elf (Picture Disc)37.99 €
Ella Fitzgerald: Newport Jazz Festiavl Live at36.99 €
Elliphant: A Good Idea36.99 €
Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Mar Y Sol: Live In..39.99 €
Enemies: Enemies36.99 €
Ennio Morricone: Revolver (Blood In The Streets) [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Equilibrium: Turis Fratyr (+Demo 2003) [Vinyl LP]38.99 €
Eric & Needed Time Bibb: Spirit & the Blues [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Eric Bibb: Painting Signs [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Eriksson, Maria: Stjal Det Du Behover36.99 €
Esg: Dance To The Best Of Esg39.99 €
Esperit!: Endavant Continu39.99 €
Esther Phillips: Anthology [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Ethiva: Ethiva =Coloured=37.99 €
Exodus: Exhibit B-the Human Condition [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Exumer: Possessed By Fire (Yellow Blend Vinyl & Bonus 7‘In38.99 €
Eyes, Bright: Every Day & Every Night (Vinyl Re-Issue)39.99 €
Fat,Wo: Gathering Dark38.99 €
Faust,Nurse With Wound: Disconnected [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Felice & Ian,Simone: Lost Tapes Vols I & Ii36.99 €
Fenders, Joe: Joe fenders36.99 €
Fernando: Float36.99 €
Fjeld, Jonas: Brother Of Song37.99 €
Flare, Dj: Hee Haw Brayks39.99 €
Food, Dj: Search Engine, The36.99 €
Foreigner: 437.99 €
Foreigner: Head Games (140g) (Limited Edition)37.99 €
Foxx, John: Metamatic Gatefold Edition39.99 €
Franco Cerri: Bossa Nova [Lp] [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Freddie Hubbard: Anthology [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Frederic D Oberland & Gaspar C: Ost: The Freemartin Calf37.99 €
Freeman: 437.99 €
Full Moon Ensemble: Crowded With Loneliness36.99 €
Future Bible Heroes: Memories Of..39.99 €
Fuzztones: Raw Heat36.99 €
GAINSBOURG, SERGE: Aux armes et caetera36.99 €
Gallagher, Rory: Kickback City36.99 €
Garden, Annabelle‘S: Time‘S No Measure..39.99 €
Garland, Red (1923-1984): All Mornin‘ Long39.99 €
Gary Bartz: Anthology [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Gasolin: Live Sadan36.99 €
Gees, Bee: Odessa39.99 €
Genrich, Ax -& Band-: Fretboard Jungle38.99 €
Gesaffelstein: Aleph36.99 €
Ghost, Simian: Youth36.99 €
Glazerr, Cherry: Haxel Princess37.99 €
Goatsnake: Flower of Disease [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Godflesh: Hymns: Special Edition36.99 €
Goldenboy: Blue Swan Orchestra 10th Ann. Reissue39.99 €
Goldsmith, Jerry: The Omen (Ost)36.99 €
Good Pinsent & Keelor: Down & Out In Upalong37.99 €
Gordon, Dexter (1923-1990): Soy Califa38.99 €
Gourds: Old Mad Joy36.99 €
Government Issue: Boycott Stabb Complete Session39.99 €
Grateful Dead: Wake Of The Flood (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition)36.99 €
Grateful Dead: Dark Star - Live At Olympia Theatre, Paris, France 5/4/7237.99 €
Green Day: American Idiot -Spec-36.99 €
Grega, Andreas: Morkerseende36.99 €
Gron, Ebba: Karlek Och Uppror -11Tr-39.99 €
Gron, Ebba: We‘Re Only In It For Drug39.99 €
Gron, Ebba: Ebba Gron39.99 €
Groove Holmes: Night Glider [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Group 1850: Mother No-Head - Their 45s37.99 €
Guthrie, Jim: Takes Time (Vinyl)39.99 €
Hagfors,Martin: Men & Flies37.99 €
Hail Of Rage: All Hail39.99 €
Hall & Oates: Private Eyes37.99 €
Hall & Oates: H2O (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition)37.99 €
Hall & Oates: Voices37.99 €
Hamilton, Scott: Remembering Billie36.99 €
Hammond, Lawrence: Presumed Lost39.99 €
HANCOCK, HERBIE: Mwandishi39.99 €
HANCOCK, HERBIE: Fat albert rotunda37.99 €
Hastpojken: En Magisk Tanke36.99 €
Haunted: Haunted38.99 €
Haydn, Joseph (1732-1809): Die Sch¬Ěpfung37.99 €
Hayes, Tubby: Seven Steps To Heaven38.99 €
Hellberg,Nisse: Flod Av Eld-180 Gr Vinyl39.99 €
Hellman, Jakob: Ocha Stora Havet -Ltd-36.99 €
Hermitude: Threads (Vinyl)37.99 €
Heron: Heron -Lp+7‘-38.99 €
Higgs, Rebekah: Odd Fellowship39.99 €
Hoffsten, Louise: Looking For Mr. God39.99 €
Hollow, Sleepy: Skull 1339.99 €
Hong Kong Dong: Sweet Sensation39.99 €
Howl: Cold Water Music39.99 €
Hoyem, Sivert: Endless Love36.99 €
Humble Pie: Live At Winterland39.99 €
Humble Pie: Smokin‘39.99 €
Huron: Huron39.99 €
Hut, William: Gathering -Hq-36.99 €
Hymns From Nineveh: Visions39.99 €
I Was A King: Isle Of Yours -Hq-36.99 €
Incognito, Dl: Someday Is Less Than A Second Away39.99 €
Ingrid Olava: Juliet‘s Wishes39.99 €
Insomnium: Candlelight Years, The36.99 €
International Zombies Of Love: Izol39.99 €
Isole: Silent Ruins [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
J Rocc: Some Cold Rock Stuf36.99 €
Jackie Mclean: Jackie S Bag [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Jackson, Michael: Bad (25th Anniversary Edition)36.99 €
Jacky Giordano: Pop in...Devil S Train [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Jade & Luv Stone: Mosaics - Pieces of Stone [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP]35.99 €
Jakszyk/ Robert Fripp/ Mel Collins, Jakko: A Scarcity Of Miracles - King Crimson Projekct (200g)37.99 €
James, Kery: Dernier mc (ltd)39.99 €
Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers =180Gr/45Rpm=36.99 €
Jektvik, Anders: No Som Ailt E Bra -Hq-36.99 €
Jenshus, Ida: Someone To Love39.99 €
Jerusalem, Yussuf: Heart Full Of Sorrow37.99 €
Jim Hall: Concierto [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Jimi Hendrix: Shaking Funk! [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Jimmy d. Lane: It‘S Time 180gr [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Jive, Molotov: Storm -Ltd-36.99 €
Jlt (John Lindberg Trio): Hell Of A Ride-Lp36.99 €
Joan Baez: Gone From Danger (180g Vinyl)37.99 €
Joe Cocker: With a Littly Help from My [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Joe Sextet Cuba: Hecho Y Drecho (Doin‘ It Right) [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Johnny Cash: Original Sun Singles 1954-58 [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Johnny Cash: American VI:Aint No Grave [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Johnny D. & The Knuckledu: Johnny D. & The..36.99 €
Johnson, Don Big Band: Records Are Forever-Lp37.99 €
Jones, Norah: The Fall (200g) (Limited Edition)36.99 €
Jones, Norah: Not Too Late (200g) (Limited Edition)36.99 €
Jonny Teupen: Love & Harp a la Latin [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Jukka, Tolonen: Tolonen36.99 €
Julia P: Making Up for Lost Time [Vinyl LP]39.99 €
Julian‘S Treatment: A Time Before This -Hq-37.99 €
Junkies, Cowboy: The Wilderness (180g)37.99 €
Justin Rutledge: Devil on a Bench in Stanley Pa [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Kaizers Orchestra: Violeta Violeta Vol.136.99 €
Karen Novotny X: Nothing Here Now But These Recordings37.99 €
Kask, Asta: Valkommen Hem36.99 €
Kauko RĚYhkĚ & Riku Mattila: Kaksi Lensi Tuulen Mukaan39.99 €
Keane, Brian: Beyond The Sky39.99 €
Keb Darge And Lucinda S: This is dj‘‘s choice vo39.99 €
Kidz Next Door: Kidz Next Door (Limited Edition)37.99 €
Killigrew,John: Killigrew -Ltd-37.99 €
King Crimson: In The Wake Of Poseidon (200g)35.99 €
King Diamond: House of God (Ltd.Lp) [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
King Diamond: The Spider‘S Lullabye (Ltd.Lp) [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
King, Carole: Tapestry (180g)37.99 €
Knutsen & Ludvigsen: Nr.3 - Tut36.99 €
Kohn: Soulastalgia37.99 €
Komatsioulis, Sotiris: San Ton Anemo36.99 €
Kompendium: Beneath The Waves -Hq-38.99 €
Konstruktivists: Flowmotion 1981/8236.99 €
Koray, Erkin: Arap Saci35.99 €
Kreuzen, Die: Cows & Beer36.99 €
Kryptor: Vice And Virtue39.99 €
Kvitnes, Henning: Jada Vi Elsker -Hq-36.99 €
Lamb: 5 -Ltd-36.99 €
Lamp Of The Universe: Acid Mantra =Coloured=37.99 €
Lane, Mark: When The Night Is Cruel38.99 €
Lanegan, Mark: Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989-201139.99 €
Larsen, Kim: Du Glade Verden36.99 €
Las Nurses: Just So Pretty [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Last Call Of Siloh: Last Call Of Siloh36.99 €
Lcd Soundsystem: Sound of Silver [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Leblanc, Lisa: Lisa Leblanc39.99 €
Legend: Death In The Nursery36.99 €
Lemarc, Peter: Svag Doft Av Skymning39.99 €
Lenny Bruce: What Was I Arrested for [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Lepage, Lawrence: Temps37.99 €
Leroy Burgess: Anthology Vol.1/the Voice [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Les Ramoneurs De Menhirs: Dans An Diaoul39.99 €
Levellers, The: Static On The Airwaves (Boxset mit 2LP + CD + 7‘ + T-Shirt + Schl¬Ěsselanh¬Ěnger/ Flaschen¬Ěffner + Poster + PKW-Sticker)39.99 €
LEWIS, RAMSEY: Theme changs39.99 €
Lights: Siberia Acoustic39.99 €
Limblifter: Limblifter39.99 €
Linda Ronstadt: Hasten Down the Wind [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Linda Ronstadt: Prisoner in Disguise (180glp) [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Line, Starting: Based On A True Story37.99 €
Liquid Liquid: Slip in and Out of Phenomenon [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Living, Central: Dune Church39.99 €
Ljungstrom, Ole: Slang In En Clown39.99 €
Lobos, Los: Kiko37.99 €
Lootpack: Soundpieces-Da Antidote [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Los Lobos: By The Light Of The Moon (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition)37.99 €
Louis Armstrong: Louis Armstrong Plays W.C.Hand [Vinyl LP]36.99 €
Love: Love Lost-180gr- [Vinyl LP]37.99 €
Loveland, Lana: Order To Love39.99 €
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Pronounced ‘leh-‘nerd ‘skin-‘nerd (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition)37.99 €
M: Mister mystere36.99 €
M2: AT LAND‘S EDGE39.99 €
Maccabees, The: Given To The Wild39.99 €
Madlib: Medicine Show No. 7: High Jazz36.99 €
Madteo: Noi No39.99 €
Magazine: No Thyself35.99 €
Maggio, Veronica: Vatten & Brod36.99 €
Maggio, Veronica: Och Vinnaren Ar36.99 €
Magma: 1.001o centigrades39.99 €
Magma: Koba?a39.99 €
Maiden, Iron: Seventh Son36.99 €
Maiden, Iron: En Vivo! - Live In Santiago De Chile (Limited Edition) (Picture Disc)35.99 €
Maiden, Iron: Powerslave36.99 €
Maiden, Iron: Somewhere In Time36.99 €
Maiden, Iron: Iron Maiden (180g) (Limited Edition) (Picture Disc)36.99 €
Maiden, Iron: Piece Of Mind (180g) (Limited Edition) (Picture Disc)36.99 €
Maiden, Iron: Killers (180g) (Limited Edition) (Picture Disc)36.99 €

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