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Vinyl LPs zwischen 30 und 35 Euro

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Rhyton: The Emerald Tablet34.99 €
Rice, Boyd & Friends: Music, Martinis.. -Spec-31.99 €
Richard &Simon Wickham Youngs: 20 Years [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Richard Bargel,Klaus "Major" Heuser: Live [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Richie Beirach Trio,Richie Trio Beirach: No Borders [Vinyl LP]34.99 €
Rickie Lee Jones: Traffic From Paradise (200g) (Limited Edition)31.99 €
Ride, Octopus: Octopus Ride -Hq-34.99 €
Ring, Bling: Soundtrack34.99 €
River, Twin: Rough Gold (7 In.)31.99 €
Rizzati, Walter: 1990: I Guerrieri -Ltd-34.99 €
Road, Manilla: Mystification =Coloured=31.99 €
Robbie Robertson: How To Become Clairvoyant34.99 €
Robert Mitchell‘s Panacea: Cusp31.99 €
Robinson/Flim, Mark: Origami & Urbanism34.99 €
Rockin‘ Rebels: Wild Weekend32.99 €
Rodeo, Blue: In Our Nature31.99 €
Roger, Henri: When bip bip sleeps (+cd)31.99 €
Roland, Paul: Hexen -Ltd-31.99 €
Rolling Stones: Sweet Summer Sun - Hyde Park Live (180g) (Limited Edition) (3LP + DVD)32.99 €
Rollins, Sonny: Tenor Madness31.99 €
Romantic Jazz Trio: The Beatles In Jazz 2 (180g)34.99 €
Romeo, Rome: Make Up Her Mind34.99 €
Rone: Tohu Bohu (180g)31.99 €
Roots Radics Meets Scientist &K: In a Dub Explosion [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Ropesh: Studio Konzert32.99 €
Rory Gallagher: Notes from San Francisco [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Roy Haynes: We Three (Lp) (Ltd. Reissue) (R [Vinyl LP]30.99 €
Ruine, Menace: Alight In Ashes34.99 €
Rush: Clockwork Angels31.99 €
Ruth, Elin: Queen Of Queens/Last..32.99 €
Rutledge, Justin: No Never Alone32.99 €
Rwake: Hell Is a Door to the Sun [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Rwake: Voices of Omens [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Sacrifice: Ones I Condemn31.99 €
Safari, Monkey: Happy Body Music31.99 €
Saffronkeira: A New Life Part Ii32.99 €
Samadhi: Samadhi34.99 €
Samling: Nar Mullret Dovar Vara..32.99 €
Samuel, Jakob: Pastpresent32.99 €
Sancta Sanctorum: Shining Darkness.=Coloure31.99 €
Santana: III (140g) (Limited Numbered Edition)32.99 €
Satoshi Tomiie: Full Lick [Ltd Lp Box] [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Savn: Savn31.99 €
Says, Duchess: Anthologie Des 3 Perchoirs34.99 €
Scaggs, Boz: Come On Home (180g)32.99 €
Scandinavian Music Group: Terminal 234.99 €
Schematic: Color (N) Inside The..34.99 €
Schnitzler, Conrad: Live ‘7231.99 €
Schools, Rival: Found31.99 €
Scorch Trio With Mars William: Made In Norway (Limited Numbered Edition)31.99 €
Scott, Ronnie -Quartet-: 1612 Overture31.99 €
Second Decay: Taste31.99 €
Seger, Bob: East Side Story34.99 €
Sendelica: Fabled Voy.=Coloured= .34.99 €
Serge Gainsbourg: Initials B. B. [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Set Fire To Fla: Telegraphs In Negati31.99 €
Shamen: Boss Drum-Direct Metal Master [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Shamen: En Tact-Direct Metal Master [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Shearwater: Palo Santo [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Shedding: What God Doesn‘t Bless...34.99 €
Shine, Come: Red And Gold31.99 €
Shlohmo: Shlo-Fi32.99 €
Sidewalks, Moving: The Complete Moving Sidewalks31.99 €
Sidewinders: Flatfoot Hustlin31.99 €
Sidonie: El Incendio -Ltd-33.99 €
Singers, Twilight: Powder Burns-Direct Metal Master31.99 €
Sir Joe & Free Soul Quarterman: Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul [Vinyl LP]34.99 €
Sisask, Siiri: Hommikupuu34.99 €
Skunk Anansie: Paranoid & Sunburnt-Direct Met31.99 €
Skunk Anansie: Smashes And Trashes32.99 €
Slut: Alienation32.99 €
Smell Trio: Naiko31.99 €
Snowbird: Moon31.99 €
Solal, Martial: Breathless (A Bout De Suffle)-Sou32.99 €
Solonen & Kosola: Kolmetoista Kertaa..31.99 €
Somerjoki Rauli ‘Badding‘: Synnyin Rokkaamaan34.99 €
Sommet: Sommet =Coloured=33.99 €
Sons Of Huns: Banishment Ritual (Color)32.99 €
Sons Of Noel And Adrian: Knots32.99 €
Sorrows, Black: Certified Blue31.99 €
Soul Of Disco: Compiled By Jo: Vol. 3-Soul Of Disco: Compiled32.99 €
Soul Shaker: Vol.5-Soul Shaker [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Souter, Tessa: Beyond The Blue31.99 €
Southern Culture On Skids: Kudzu Ranch31.99 €
Spacefolk, Hidria: Live At Heart33.99 €
Sparks: Seduction Of Ingmar Bergman32.99 €
Sparrow, Jack: Circadian32.99 €
Specifics: My Tunes31.99 €
Speedtrap: Powerdose (White Vinyl)32.99 €
Spiral Joy: Pleasure Is The..32.99 €
Spoons: Stick Figure Neighbourhood34.99 €
Springfield, Dusty: A Girl Called Dusty (180g) (Limited Edition)31.99 €
Src: Milestone (180g) - Limited32.99 €
Ss, Death: Resurrection -Lp+Cd-31.99 €
St.Vincent: St.Vincent (Vinyl)32.99 €
Stairway: Interregnum31.99 €
Static: Eject Your Mind [Vinyl LP]34.99 €
Steel, Sacred: Hammer Of Destruction32.99 €
Stewart,Rod: Gasoline Alley (140g) (Limited Numbered Edition)32.99 €
Stiftelsen: Ljungaverk32.99 €
Striggles, The: The Striggles34.99 €
String Driven Thing: Steeple Claydon34.99 €
Stromae: Racine Carree34.99 €
Stubb, Alexander C-. G.: Stubb31.99 €
Sub Focus: Sub Focus32.99 €
Subs, U.K.: Punk Essentials33.99 €
Suck Electronic Enciclope: Asfixia Al Carrer..31.99 €
Suede: Head Music31.99 €
Suede: Sci-Fi Lullabies34.99 €
Suede: Dog Man Star31.99 €
Sufjan Stevens: Bqe (the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway) [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Sugarcubes: Here Today Tomorrow-Direct Met [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Sugarcubes: Stick Around For Joy-Direct Me31.99 €
Sugarcubes: Its It-Direct Metal Master [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Sugarcubes: Great Crossover Potential-Dire31.99 €
Sun Ra: Cosmos [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Sundstrom, Stefan: Under Radarn32.99 €
Supersci: Pinetrees on the Pavement [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Sveriges Komuner & Landst: Orovisor31.99 €
Syket: Can You Keep A Secret32.99 €
T.Rex: Life S a Gas/Electric Boogie [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Takkyu Ishino: Titles [2lp] [Vinyl LP]33.99 €
Talent, Billy: Billy Talent (10th Anniversary31.99 €
Tales: Lyrics and Rocks [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Tass 2: Unter Haltung [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Tattoo, Echo: Mind Your Step34.99 €
Teardo, Teho: Music Film Music31.99 €
Tears For Fears: Songs From The Big Chair (140g) (Limited Numbered Edition)32.99 €
Tellier, Sebastien: L‘Incroyable Verite34.99 €
Terrorizer: World Downfall (Lim.Picture) [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Textures: Dualism (Special Edition)34.99 €
Thastrom: Bevapna Dig Med Vin.=Red=32.99 €
The Cosmic Jokers: Galactic Supermarket32.99 €
the Lost Patrol Band: The Lost Patrol Band [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
The Neatbeats: Attention Please! Ltd. Release [Vinyl LP]30.99 €
the Partisans: Police Story-Picture Lp [Vinyl LP]34.99 €
the Police: Certifiable [Vinyl LP]33.99 €
the Vision Bleak: The Deathship Has a New Captai [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Theater, Dream: Score: 20th Anniversary World Tour31.99 €
This Is Nowhere: Turn On,.=Color.-Lp+Cd-33.99 €
Thisquietarmy: Unconquered32.99 €
Thisquietarmy: Aftermath+Setting Ashes32.99 €
Three Toed Sloth: 3 Toed Sloth34.99 €
Throat, Sore: Death To Capitalist..34.99 €
Thumlock: Emerald Liquid.=Coloured=33.99 €
Thundermother: Rock ‘N Roll Disaster31.99 €
Timeless Pulse: Trio [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Tindersticks: Tindersticks I -Hq-32.99 €
Tomorrow People-Rare Original: Tomorrow People-Rare Original [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Tomutonttu: Hylyt34.99 €
Topham, Top: Ascencion Heights32.99 €
Torque: Torque [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Toure, Ali Farka: Talking Timbuktu32.99 €
Tractor: The Art Of Being Steve Clayton33.99 €
Tran, Trin: Dark Radar31.99 €
Trance: Break =Coloured=. -Lp+7‘31.99 €
Trash Talk: Trash Talk [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Tree, Fever: Creation - Limited34.99 €
Trini Lopez: Les Plus Beaux Succes [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Trolls, New: Senza Orario Senza Bandiera34.99 €
Trouble: Psalm 9 Re-Release31.99 €
Trus‘Me: Remixed -Lp+Cd-31.99 €
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio: Gentle Blues (180g)34.99 €
Tuber, Douglas: Tuber =Coloured=31.99 €
Tuomo: New Mystique34.99 €
Two Hours Traffic: Foolish Blood34.99 €
Tygers Of Pan Tang: Ambush34.99 €
Tyondai Braxton: Central Market [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Ubu, Pere: Live At The Longhorn..33.99 €
Ubu, Pere: Live At The Longhorn31.99 €
UFO: Strangers In The Night (Expanded Edition)32.99 €
Ufo Gestapo: Vatependr34.99 €
Ultravox: Vienna34.99 €
Ulver: Blood Inside (Picture Disc)31.99 €
Ulver: Shadows Of The Sun (Picture Di31.99 €
Underground Railroad: Sticks & Stones31.99 €
Unidad Sasao: Skin I‘m In31.99 €
Unwound: Rat Conspiracy32.99 €
Urheim, Stein: Daydream Twin31.99 €
V.A.: Ymo Remixes-technopolis 2000-031.99 €
V.A.: Puch The Monkey! Iii34.99 €
V/A: Jazz Around The Funk32.99 €
V/A: Hi Records Early Years 232.99 €
V/A: World Of Progressive Disco32.99 €
V/A: Nagoya City Hard Core31.99 €
Valdambrini, Basso: Stella By Starlight31.99 €
Van Zandt, Townes: Live At The Old.. -Hq-32.99 €
Various: Mambo in the Mainstream (180g) [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Various: Wire 04 Compilation [Vinyl LP]30.99 €
Various: Lovin Fire: 20 Obsucre Gems Fro [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Various: Borderline Riddim [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Various: A Visit to the Space Ship Fact [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Various: Weapons of Mass Creation 2 [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Various: Fairytales Can Come True-UK Popsike from the Lat [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Various (Beppe Loda Presents): Typhoon [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Various Artists: Under The Influence Volume Two32.99 €
Various Artists: Kontroversial Kovers34.99 €
Various Artists: Underground Rock-Suomen Talvisota 1939-4034.99 €
Various Artists: Saoco!32.99 €
Various Artists: Interpretations On F.C...31.99 €

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