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Vinyl LPs zwischen 30 und 35 Euro

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Claw, Iron: Iron Claw -Hq-34.99 €
Clinic: Bubblegum31.99 €
Club, Gin: Gin Club -10 Year..34.99 €
Cob: Moyshe Mcstiff & the Tartan Lancers of the Sacred [Vinyl LP]33.99 €
Cody Chesnutt: Headphone Masterpiece [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Coh: Retro-203831.99 €
Cohen, Leonard: Death Of A Ladies Man-Hq-31.99 €
Cohen, Leonard: Live In London (180g)31.99 €
Coldplay: X & Y [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Collins, Edwyn: Gorgeous George -Lp+Cd-31.99 €
Colossus,Dub: Dub Me Tender32.99 €
Colour Haze: Ewige Blumenkraft31.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): With The Red Garland Trio31.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): In The Winners Circle31.99 €
Come: 11:1132.99 €
Commix: Call to Mind [Vinyl LP]34.99 €
Company, Soulbreaker: Graceless =Coloured=31.99 €
Company, Soulbreaker: Graceless31.99 €
Compilation Techno: Perlon allstars : super31.99 €
Control, Portion: Unrest In The.. -Lp+Cd-31.99 €
Convention, Fairport: Liege & Lief (180g)31.99 €
Copyrights: Shit‘S Fucked31.99 €
Cosmic Trip Machine: Vampyros Roussos31.99 €
Country, Big: Steeltown31.99 €
Cowley, Patrick: School Daze34.99 €
Cradle Of Filth: Total Fucking Darkness33.99 €
Cramps: Flamejob32.99 €
Cray, Robert: Strong Persuader31.99 €
Cream: Wheels Of Fire: Live (W32.99 €
Creed, Martin: Love To You34.99 €
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Cosmo‘s Factory (Back-To-Black-Serie inkl. MP3-Download-Code) [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Creepshow: Run For Your Life (Vinyl)34.99 €
Crisis: Kollectiv31.99 €
Cuntry Diktator: Cunts N Roses32.99 €
Cure-A-Phobia: What‘S Kind About Mankind32.99 €
Curtain, Iron: Jaguar Spirit31.99 €
CURTIS, KING: Instant groove32.99 €
Cyrus Chestnut Trio: Moonlight Sonata Swingin‘ Clas31.99 €
D‘Sound: Signs32.99 €
D.l: The Album [Admonitions] Instru [Vinyl LP]33.99 €
Daeng: Tartarus: The Darkest Re32.99 €
Danielson, Oscar: Finn Ar 1996-201232.99 €
David Lynch: Good Day Today/I Know34.99 €
De Andre‘ Fabrizio: Vol. 2-(Tutti Morimmo A Stento31.99 €
De Andre, Fabrizio: Fabrizio De Andre Vol.331.99 €
Dead, Grateful: Family Dog At The Great..32.99 €
Dead, Grateful: Go To Heaven31.99 €
Dead, Grateful: From The Mars Hotel (180g)31.99 €
Dead-End Alley Band: Whisperers Of.=Coloured=31.99 €
Deadpeach: Pd-Psycle33.99 €
Deadpeach: Aurum31.99 €
Decapitation, Cattle: Humanure32.99 €
Deep Listening Band: Needle Drop Jungle -Ltd-34.99 €
Deep Purple: Perfect Strangers Live (2Lp+2Cd+Dvd)34.99 €
Deftones: Live V2 Around The Fur D2c Lp34.99 €
Denjean, Jacques: Touch Touch32.99 €
Derniere Volonte: Immortel -Ltd-31.99 €
Destruction: The Curse of the Antichrist-Live in Agony [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Dexter Gordon: One Flight Up [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Diablo, Hotel: Return To Psycho..31.99 €
Diao, Mando: Aelita31.99 €
Dick Hyman Trio: You‘re My Everything -the Musi31.99 €
Dictaphone: M. Addiction [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
DIDDLEY, BO: Where it all began32.99 €
Die Moulinettes: Alfa Bravo Charlie [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Dilla, J: Rebirth Of Detroit Instrumenta32.99 €
Dionysus Exotica: Dionysus Exotica [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms [Vinyl LP]34.99 €
Dire Straits: Making Movies [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Dire Straits: Brothers In Arms (Back-To-Black-Serie inkl. MP3-Download-Code) [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Dirtbombs: Consistency Is The Enemy31.99 €
Dirty Dozen Brass Band: What‘s Going On31.99 €
Discharge: Why-Picture Lp [Vinyl LP]34.99 €
Dissection: Live Rebirth (Red Splatter Vinyl & Poster)32.99 €
DJ Cam Pres Inlove: Stories (Lp) [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
DJ Paul Nice: 5 Fingers of Death 2 [Vinyl LP]34.99 €
DJ Paul Nice: 5 Fingers of Death 3 [Vinyl LP]34.99 €
DJ Tasaka: Go DJ [Vinyl LP]30.99 €
Djabe / Steve Hackett: Summer Storms And..31.99 €
Dog That Bit People: Dog That Bit People31.99 €
Domain, Hell‘S: Hell‘S Domain31.99 €
Don Juan Matus: Visiones Paganas -Ltd-31.99 €
Doom: Corrupt Fucking System34.99 €
Doom,Mf: Mm... Food31.99 €
Doors: Absolutely Live (remastered) (180g)32.99 €
Dorau, Andreas: Pd-Silbernes Ich -Ltd-34.99 €
Dors, Diana: Swingin‘ Dors32.99 €
Down With Webster: Time To Win (Picture Disc)34.99 €
Dr.Dre: Instrumental World V.38 [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Dread Sovereign: All Hell‘s Martyrs (Double Vinyl Gatefold,180g)33.99 €
Dreamend: And The Tears Washed Me (pictu31.99 €
Drinking Electricity: Overload+Singles32.99 €
Drones: Miller‘S Daughter32.99 €
Drumm, Kevin: Kevin Drumm34.99 €
Duckling,Ugly: Moving At Breakneck Speed34.99 €
Dune: Wild Hearts32.99 €
Dysrhythmia: Psychic Maps [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
East Drive: Studio Konzert32.99 €
Eastwood, Eva: Ah Vilken Skiva31.99 €
Ebbel, Lavvi: Guns And Crepe Flambee..32.99 €
Edge, Tangle: Kathamkaram34.99 €
Ekkehard Ehlers: Ballads31.99 €
Elaiza: March 2834.99 €
Elixir: Son Of Odin =Coloured=31.99 €
Ellington, Duke: Such Sweet Thunder32.99 €
Elliott Smith: New Moon [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Emotions: Rejoice [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Engstrom-Renman, My: Magoo The Black Piano32.99 €
Epica: Requiem For The Indifferent (180g)31.99 €
Ernst Glerum: Omnibus Two [Ltd. Release] [Vinyl LP]33.99 €
Errobi: Ametsaren Bidea34.99 €
Espiri, Aadnekvam/Areia/Do: Ecology32.99 €
Eternal Elysium: Within The Triad -Ltd-31.99 €
Eternal Elysium: Within The Tri.=Coloured=31.99 €
Ethiva: Ethiva32.99 €
Evans,Bill: New Jazz Conceptions31.99 €
Ewert & The Two Dragons: Good Man Down34.99 €
Exit 9: Straight Up [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Experience, Chickencage: Kamasutra Blackbelt31.99 €
Exploited: Totally Exploited33.99 €
Fangoria: Policromia32.99 €
FANIA ALL STARS: Latin-soul-rock32.99 €
Fanta Dorado Und Der Innere Kreis: Fanta Dorado und Der Innere Kreis31.99 €
Far: Tin Cans With.. -Hq-32.99 €
Far: Tin Cans With.. -Hq-32.99 €
Fatboy: Love Creole32.99 €
Fear Of God: Pd-As Statues Fell32.99 €
Fear, Primal: New Religion31.99 €
Ferro,Tiziano: L‘Amore E Una Cosa..34.99 €
Fidenco, Nico: Emanuelle Perche -Ltd-34.99 €
First Love Last Rites: Wasted Hearts32.99 €
Fitzgerald, Ella: Sings The Johnny Mercer Song B31.99 €
Fjeld, Jonas: Hjemmeseier32.99 €
Flaming Lips: At War With the Mystics [Vinyl LP]34.99 €
Flanagan, Tommy (1930-2001): Overseas (200g) (Limited Edition)31.99 €
Flim: Helio34.99 €
Flying Saucer Attack: Heartbeat31.99 €
Fm Einheit/irmler: No Apologies34.99 €
Foals: Holy Fire -Lp+7‘-31.99 €
Folklords: Release The Sunshine +7‘31.99 €
Fonica: Ripple34.99 €
FORCE, POSITIVE: Positive force32.99 €
Four Instants: Discotheque34.99 €
Fraction: Moonblood34.99 €
Frame, Roddy: Surf32.99 €
Frame, Roddy: Western Skies32.99 €
Fresh Maggots: Hatched [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Frey, Glenn: After Hours (180g)32.99 €
Fripp & Eno: Evening Star (LP)33.99 €
Fripp & Eno: No Pussy Footing (LP)33.99 €
Frontale, Citta: El Tor34.99 €
Fun.: Aim & Ignite [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Fuzztones: Raw Heat - The ‘In Heat‘ Demos32.99 €
Gabard Pazos, Marcelo -Tr: Something From Nothing31.99 €
Gabriel, Peter: Scratch My Back & I‘ll Scratch Yours31.99 €
Gabrielle: Nattergal Kapittel 131.99 €
Gaetano, Rino: Mio Gratello E‘Figlio34.99 €
GAINSBOURG,LULU: From Gainsbourg to Lulu (ltd)31.99 €
Galatasaray: Boxing Camp for Blues [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Garrie, Nick: Nightmare Of Jb Stanislas32.99 €
Gary Farr: Take Something With You [Vinyl LP]33.99 €
Gasolin: Gasolin 232.99 €
Gasolin: Live I Skandinavien32.99 €
Gasolin: Gasolin32.99 €
Gasolin: Gas 532.99 €
Gasolin: Gor Det Noget32.99 €
Gasolin: Gasolin 332.99 €
Gasolin: Efter Endnu En Dag32.99 €
Gathering, The: Disclosure (180g)32.99 €
Gentle Giant: In a Glass House [Vinyl LP]33.99 €
Gershwin, George (1898-1937): Rhapsody in Blue (200g)32.99 €
Ghost: Tune In, Turn On, Free Ti31.99 €
Giguere, David: Casablanca31.99 €
Gilberto, Astrud: Look To The Rainbow -Hq-31.99 €
Girl With The Gun: Girl With The Gun31.99 €
Girls Guns & Glory: Good Luck (Lp Vinyl)31.99 €
Glossary: Long Live All Of Us32.99 €
Go Go‘s: Beauty & The Beat (coloured)31.99 €
Goblin: Profondo Rosso -Ltd-31.99 €
Goblin: Amo Non Amo31.99 €
Goblin: Profondo Rosso -Ltd-34.99 €
Goblin, New: Live In Roma (Deluxe Edition)34.99 €
Good Morning Babylones: Sister Rain31.99 €
Gordon, Dexter (1923-1990): Both Sides Of Midnight (180g)31.99 €
Gotthard: Firebirth (180g) (Limited Edition) (Colored Vinyl)31.99 €
Grand Magus: Monument [Vinyl LP]31.99 €
Grateful Dead: History Of The Grateful Dead Vol.1 - Bear‘s Choice (remastered) (180g) (Limited Numbered Edition)34.99 €
Grateful Dead: Terrapin Station (200g HQ-Vinyl)31.99 €
Greco, Juliette: Gr¬Ěco chante Brel31.99 €
Grieves: Winter & The Wolves33.99 €
Griffin, Johnny (1928-2008): The Man I Love (180g)31.99 €
Grind, Jody: Far Canal32.99 €
Guapo: History Of The Visitation31.99 €
Guardians of Dalliance: Diffusion Rooms [Vinyl LP]32.99 €
Guelewar: Touki Ba Banjul32.99 €
Gus Gus: Polydistortion (180g)33.99 €
Gutteridge, Peter: Pure32.99 €
Habibiyya: If Man But Knew [Vinyl LP]33.99 €
Haden & Chris Anderson, Charlie: None But The Lonely Heart31.99 €
Hall, Jim: Concierto31.99 €

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