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Vinyl LPs zwischen 25 und 30 Euro

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Cunill, Josef: Rabbit Rumba29.99 €
Currensy: Stoned Immaculate26.99 €
Currer Bells: Currer Bells26.99 €
Curtain, Iron: Artifact -Live 1981 -Ltd-28.99 €
Curtis Fuller: Boss Of The Soul-Strea´m Trombone (180g LP) [Vinyl LP]29.99 €
Curtis Mayfield: Roots [Vinyl LP]29.99 €
Cut Copy: In Ghost Colours [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Cuts: 2 Over Ten [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Cybotron: Enter25.99 €
Cybotron: Sunday Night At The..28.99 €
Cyclops, Doctor: Oscuropasso =Coloured=29.99 €
Cynic: Kindly Bent To Free Us28.99 €
Cynic: Kindly Bent To.. -Ltd-29.99 €
Cypress Hill: Cypress Hill (Remastered) [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Cypress Hill: Black Sunday (Remastered) [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Czars: Sorry I Made You Cry26.99 €
D‘‘ANVERS,JOSEPH: Rouge fer25.99 €
D‘Angelo: Voodoo29.99 €
D-A-D: 30 Years 30 Hits-Best Of D-A-D 1984-2014 (Ltd.T26.99 €
D.Diggler: Sounds Fiction [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Dabo: Hitman [Vinyl LP]29.99 €
Dactylus, Pholas: Concerto Delle Menti25.99 €
Daemonia: Zombi/Dawn Of The Dead25.99 €
Daeng: Tartarus: The Darkest Re25.99 €
DAL SASSO, CHRISTOPHE and BELMON: John coltrane : a love supreme25.99 €
Dal, Dodens: Ga Ensam Forbi Horisonten29.99 €
Dalida: Same26.99 €
Dalindeo: Soundtrack for the Sound Eye [Vinyl LP]29.99 €
Dalton, Jack: Casualties For The..27.99 €
Damned: Pd-Pure Punk 1977-198228.99 €
Damned, The: Machine Gun Etiquette26.99 €
Damned, The: The Chiswick Singles - And Ano26.99 €
Damu The Fudgemunk: Spare Overtime27.99 €
Danakil: Entre Les Lignes26.99 €
Danava: Danava [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Dans, Dans: I/Ii27.99 €
Daphni: Jiaolong26.99 €
Darcys: Hymn For A Missing Girl26.99 €
Dark Dark Dark: Who Needs Who26.99 €
Darkthrone: Hate Them [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Daryl Wayne Dasher: Great Big Sky25.99 €
Dauner, Wolfgang: Tribute To The Past29.99 €
David Cross: It S Not Funny [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Davis, Eddie Lockjaw: Love Calls29.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): ‘Round About Midnight (180g) (Mono) (Limited Numbered Edition)26.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Jazz Track (Mono) (180g)26.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Kind Of Blue (Mono) (180g)26.99 €
Davolinas: Edge Of A New..=Coloured27.99 €
Dawn: Agents Of Sentimentality26.99 €
Day, Green: Bullet In A Bible25.99 €
Days, Brimstone: Healer26.99 €
Dba: Pictures Of You -Hq-27.99 €
Dbc: Universe26.99 €
De Andre, Fabrizio: Le Nuvole-Il Concerto 199127.99 €
De De Lind: Io Non So Da Dove -Ltd-26.99 €
De Musikalske Dvergene: Tunge Steiner27.99 €
De/Vision: Popgefahr (180 Gr./Black Vinyl)26.99 €
Dead Sea Apes: Lupus28.99 €
Dead-End Alley Band: Whisperers Of The Night25.99 €
Deadmau5: 4x4=1226.99 €
Dealer, Cosmic: Crystallization27.99 €
Dear Mr. Time: Grandfather28.99 €
Death Angel: Killing Season [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Death By Unga Bunga: Kids Are Up To No Good27.99 €
Death By Unga Bunga: You‘re An Animal29.99 €
Death Cab For Cutie: Transatlanticism26.99 €
Deathcycle: Deathcycle25.99 €
Deb Players: House of Deb [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Debbath,Black: Beste27.99 €
Decapitation, Cattle: To Serve Man29.99 €
Decemberists: We All Raise Our Voices To The Air - Live29.99 €
Decimus: Decimus 428.99 €
Deep Purple: Made In Japan (2014 Remaster) (Ltd.Deluxe Edt.)25.99 €
Deep Purple: Stormbringer (Remaster Edition) [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Deep Purple: Live At Montreux 199628.99 €
Deep Purple: Who Do We Think We Are [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Deep Purple: Total Abandon, Australia ‘99 (180g) (Limited Edition) (Colored Vinyl)29.99 €
Deep River Boys: Rock-a [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Deeper, Dig: August Afternoon27.99 €
Def Leppard: Mirror Ball28.99 €
Def-Con-One: Warface29.99 €
Def-Con-One: Brute Force And Ignorence29.99 €
Dei, Vox: La Biblia28.99 €
Del Rey: Immemorial -Lp+Cd-25.99 €
Delired Cameleon Family: Visa De Censure No X26.99 €
Deloner, Al: Itchy And The Girl..27.99 €
Delorean: Delorean [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Delphic: Collections28.99 €
Demetra Sine Die: A Quiet Land.=Coloured=25.99 €
Demigodz: Killmatic25.99 €
Demon: Unexpected Guest -Hq-26.99 €
Demon: Night Of The Demon -Hq-26.99 €
Demoniac: Prepare For War26.99 €
Dendoshi: Dendoshi 228.99 €
Denial Of God: Death And The Beyond-Ltd-28.99 €
Denims, Dirty: High Five25.99 €
Dente: Almanacco Del Giorno Prima29.99 €
Denver & The Muppet, John: Pd-A Christmas Together25.99 €
Deodato,Eumir: Greatest Hits (180g)28.99 €
Der Blutharsch: Live in Copenhagen [Vinyl LP]27.99 €
Der Blutharsch: Werkschau 1997-201029.99 €
Desaster: Tyrants Of The Netherworl28.99 €
Destryer 666: Cold Steel...For An Iron Age (Colored Vinyl Gatef25.99 €
Det Stora Monstret: Det Stora Monstret29.99 €
Detroit: Horizons26.99 €
Deus: Following Sea26.99 €
Deus: Keep You Close26.99 €
Devil In Me: End -Ltd-28.99 €
Dexter Jones‘ Circus Orchestr: If Light Can‘t Save Us I Know29.99 €
Dhu, Duncan: El Duelo28.99 €
Diaframma: Siberia (Lp Picture)26.99 €
Diagonal: The Second Mechanism29.99 €
Diam S: Sos [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Dibango, Manu: Kusini26.99 €
Dibiase: Schematiks26.99 €
Dictators: Every Day Is Saturday [Vinyl LP]29.99 €
Diddley, Bo (1928-2008): I‘m A Man-Live ‘8428.99 €
Diddley,Bo (1928-2008): Bo Diddley25.99 €
Die rzte: Auch (180g) (2LP + CD)26.99 €
Difranco, Ani: Dilate26.99 €
Difranco, Ani: Which Side Are You On? (180g)26.99 €
Difranco, Ani: Not A Pretty Girl26.99 €
Digital: Dubzilla [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Dinosaurs, Last: In A Million Years26.99 €
Dio: Finding The Sacred29.99 €
Dire Straits: On Every Street -Ltd-26.99 €
Dire Straits: Making Movies -Ltd-26.99 €
Dire Straits: Dire Straits -Ltd-26.99 €
Dire Straits: Communique -Ltd-26.99 €
Dire Straits: Lover Over Gold -Ltd-26.99 €
Dirt Bike Annie: Show Us Your Demons [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Dirtbombs: Consistency Is The Enemy26.99 €
Dirty Three: Ocean Songs [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Disarm Goliath: Born To Rule25.99 €
Disclosure: Settle28.99 €
Disiz: Transe lucide (ltd)25.99 €
Diskord: Dystopics27.99 €
Dismember: Massive Killing Capacity [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Dismemberment Plan: Emergency & I27.99 €
Dispatch: Bang Bang29.99 €
Dispute,La: Somewhere At The Bottom Of The26.99 €
Distorsion, Local: Situation Modulaire28.99 €
Disturbed: Asylum29.99 €
Dive, Sascha: Dark Shadow27.99 €
Divergent / O.S.T.: Divergent / O.S.T.26.99 €
Division Of Laura Lee: Tree29.99 €
Dixon, Willie: I Am The Blues27.99 €
DJ Hi-Tek: Hi-Teknology Vol.2 [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
DJ Js-1: Ground Original Vol.2 [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
DJ Kentaro: Enter [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
DJ Naughty Prees a Naughty Nig: DJ Naughty Prees a Naughty Nig [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
DJ Peabird: Eardrum Medicine from Outta Sp [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
DJ Peabird: Battle Trackz Vol. 3 [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
DJ Peabird: Number 50 [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
DJ Shadow: Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions From The MPC Era 1992-199629.99 €
DJ Sneak: House of Om [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Django, Django: Django Django28.99 €
Dmx: Definition of X:Pick of the Li [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Do You Love Melena: Marathon27.99 €
Doble, Vainica: Taquicardia (180g) (Limited Edition)28.99 €
Dogfeet: Dogfeet25.99 €
Domenico: Cine Prive28.99 €
Don & Ian Carr Quintet Rendell: Live at the Union 1966 [Vinyl LP]29.99 €
Don Trio Friedman,Don Friedman Trio: Waltz for Debby [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Donut, Alice: Freaks In Love Vinyl Picturedisc & Dvd29.99 €
Doobie Brothers: Minute By Minute [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Doomraiser: Lords Of Mercy -Purple-25.99 €
Doomstone: Those Whom Statn Hath..26.99 €
Doors: Soft Parade29.99 €
Doors, The: Live In New York26.99 €
Doozer: Keep It Together28.99 €
Dopamines: Expect The Worse25.99 €
Dopethrone: Iii26.99 €
Doueh, Group: Zayna Jumma25.99 €
Down: Diary Of A Madband (Liv28.99 €
Downfall of Gaia: Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes (180g) (Limited Edition)25.99 €
Dr. John: Anytime, Anyplace -Lp+Cd-27.99 €
Dr.John: Splinter Trip Revisited-Live At H28.99 €
Drake, Nick: Nick Drake -Remast-29.99 €
Dream Theater: Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence25.99 €
Dream Theater: Falling Into Infinity25.99 €
Dream Theater: Systematic Chaos [Vinyl LP]29.99 €
Dream, Addiction: Essence25.99 €
Drive By Truckers: Big to-Do [Vinyl LP]29.99 €
Drive Like Maria: Drive Like Maria25.99 €
Driver: Countdown28.99 €
Drivers, Sunday: Little Heart Attacks25.99 €
Drivers, Sunday: End Of Maiden Trip25.99 €
Drivers, Sunday: Tiny Telephone25.99 €
Drommere & Drankere: Baten Blir Til Mens Du..27.99 €
Drone,Atlantic: Vivified Sugar Cube..26.99 €
Dropkick Murphys: Signed And Sealed In Blood26.99 €
Drum: Contact -Ltd-28.99 €
Drunk, Gallon: Soul Of The Hour, The (Lp+Cd+Mp3+7 Inch)26.99 €
Drunks, Hitsville: Sincerely Average26.99 €
Dry The River: Shallow Bed (Limited Edition)25.99 €
Dub Gabriel: Raggabass Resistance29.99 €
Dubbers, Jahtarian: Volume 325.99 €
Dubkasm: Transform I [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Dubliners: Dirty Old Town. Best Of..29.99 €

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