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Vinyl LPs zwischen 25 und 30 Euro

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Can: Soundtracks25.99 €
Can: Rite Time25.99 €
Can: Ege Bamyasi25.99 €
Can: Flow Motion25.99 €
Can: Saw Delight25.99 €
Can: Future Days25.99 €
Can: Out Of Reach25.99 €
Can: Delay25.99 €
Can: Out Of Reach27.99 €
Can: Delay 1968 [Vinyl LP]29.99 €
Canaries,Churinga: Churinga Canaries29.99 €
Candlemass: Epicus Doomicus..=Black=25.99 €
Candlemass: Ancient Dreams -Hq-26.99 €
Candlemass: Epicus Doomicus.=White=27.99 €
Canterbury Glass: Sacred Scenes & Characters [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Canterel, Martial: Navigations Vol.128.99 €
Cantu, D‘Marc: A New World25.99 €
Captain Beefheart: Mirrorman Sessions25.99 €
Car Crash Set: Join the car crash set29.99 €
Caravan: If I‘D Do It All Again,..28.99 €
Caravan, Crystal: With Them You Walk Alone26.99 €
Caravan, Gg: Gg Caravan28.99 €
Carboni,Luca: Senza Titolo29.99 €
Carcass: Surgical Steel Decibel Tour26.99 €
Carelius, Jens: Beat Of The Travel27.99 €
Carelius, Jens: First Songs27.99 €
Carelius, Jens: Architect27.99 €
Carey, Tony: Explorer + Yellow Power28.99 €
Carlile, Brandi: Bear Creek (LP + CD)26.99 €
Carlos & Mclaughlin, Jo Santana: Love Devotion Surrender [Vinyl LP]27.99 €
Carlton Melton: Country Ways29.99 €
Carnivores: If I‘M Ancient28.99 €
Caroliner: Rings On The Awkward Show27.99 €
Carousel, Le: Le Carousel27.99 €
Carpenter: Sea To Sky25.99 €
Carpenter & Alan Howarth, John: Price Of Darkness28.99 €
Carpets, Inspiral: Dung 4 + Thje.. -Lp+7‘-29.99 €
Cars: Cars Greatest Hits28.99 €
Carter, Clarence: Slip Away - 1966-1971 (Record28.99 €
Cascadeur: Ghost surfer28.99 €
Cash, Johnny: Johnny Cashs Greatest Hits Volume 1 (1828.99 €
Casiotone for the Painfully Al: Etiquette [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Catalogue: Brussel Live25.99 €
Cataract: Cataract Pic.Lp [Vinyl LP]27.99 €
Cathedral: ┬ŁGuessing Game28.99 €
Cause for Alarm: Nothing Ever Dies [Lp] [aus on [Vinyl LP]27.99 €
Cctv: Hope & Destroyer27.99 €
Cedar Walton: First Set [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Cee Lo Green: Lady Killer (coloured Vinyl)28.99 €
Celentano, Adriano: Pd-Azzurro -Ltd-26.99 €
Celer: Vestiges Of An Inherent..28.99 €
Celeste: Celeste -Principe Di Un..27.99 €
Centipede: Septober Energy26.99 €
Centro-Matic: Redo The Stacks26.99 €
Centrozoon: Never Trust the Things [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Ceremony, Blood: Eldritch Dark28.99 €
Ceremony, Sound: Sound Ceremony25.99 €
Ceres: Luck28.99 €
Cfcf: Music For Objects26.99 €
Chapman, Michael: Playing Guitar The Easy Way26.99 €
Chapter, Dance: Chapters =Coloured=28.99 €
Charlatans: Who We Touch25.99 €
Charles Mingus: Complete ‘the Clown‘ Sessions [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Charles Mingus: The Jazz Experiments of... [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Charles, Bobby: Bobby Charles26.99 €
Charles, Ray: Ray Charles -Hq/Ltd-28.99 €
Charley Patton: You‘Re Gonna Need Somebody... [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Charlie Bornemann: Carson-Bornemann All-Stars [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Chas Burchell: Unsung Hero [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Cheer, Blue: Original Human Beings26.99 €
Chicago: Chicago (180g)28.99 €
Chickenfoot: Chickenfoot Iii25.99 €
Children of Bodom: Something Wild [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Children of Bodom: Tokyo Warhearts [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Children of Bodom: Follow the Reaper [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Children of Bodom: Hatebreeder [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Chinarro, Sr.: Menos Samba28.99 €
Chinese Man: The Groove Sessions Vol.326.99 €
Chives, Scarlet: Scarlet Chives27.99 €
Chop: Illuminate25.99 €
Chord: Gmaj727.99 €
Chris Mcgregor S Brotherhood of Bre: Chris Mcgregor‘s Brotherhood O [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Christ, Rotting: Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy..28.99 €
Christian Marclay, Toshio Kajiwara: 21 September 200225.99 €
Chrome: Red Exposure [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Chrome: Retro Transmission [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Chrome Division: Infernal Rock Eternal [Grey Vinyl]28.99 €
Chromeo: White Women25.99 €
Chromeo: White Women29.99 €
Chuck Norris Experiment: Right Between The Eyes26.99 €
Chuck Norris Experiment: Right Between.=Coloured=28.99 €
Church Of Misery: Master Of Brutality29.99 €
Chydeone: Jekyll & Chyde27.99 €
Chylde, Orcus: Orcus Chylde =Coloured=29.99 €
Cindy Bullens: Dream No.29 [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Cipollina,John: Raven -Hq-28.99 €
Circle: Hollywood29.99 €
Circle, Traveling: Escape From Black Cloud25.99 €
Circus, Prisma: Reminiscences =Coloured=29.99 €
Cisco: Il Mulo29.99 €
City & Colour: Hurry & The Ha25.99 €
City, Shit: Welcome To27.99 €
Clap Rules: Golden Hands29.99 €
Clapp & His Orchest, Alex: Mixed Greens25.99 €
Clapton, Eric: Old Sock26.99 €
Clapton, Eric: Clapton29.99 €
Clark: Totems Flare [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Clark, Guy: Old No. 126.99 €
Clash, The: London Calling27.99 €
Cleaners From Venus: Very Best Of -Ltd-29.99 €
Clearwater, Creedence: Bayou Country28.99 €
Clearwater, Creedence: Cosmos Factory28.99 €
Clement, Dawn: Tempest/Cobalt25.99 €
Cliff, Jimmy: Kcrw Session25.99 €
Cliff, Jimmy: Rebirth29.99 €
Clifford Jordan: Firm Roots [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Cliffsight: Soulful Man25.99 €
Climax Blues Band (ex-Climax Chicago Blues Band): Climax Chicago Blues Band26.99 €
Cline, Patsy: Walkin‘ After Midnight28.99 €
Coasters: Coasters25.99 €
Cobalt: GIN28.99 €
Codeine: White Birch (+cd)26.99 €
Codeine: Barely Real (+cd)26.99 €
Cohen, Leonard: Back In The Motherland - The 1988 Toronto Broadcast26.99 €
Cola Jet Set: Guitarras Y Tambores [Vinyl LP]29.99 €
Cold War Kids: Robbers & Cowards [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Colin Meloy: Colin Meloy Sings Live! [Vinyl LP]27.99 €
Collective, Prog: The Prog Collective26.99 €
Collins, Albert: Truckin‘ With Albert Collins28.99 €
Collins,Nicolas: Devil‘s Music28.99 €
Coltrane, Alice (1937-2007): Transfiguration29.99 €
Coltrane, John: Trane Of August ‘57 -Hq-28.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): Plays The Blues25.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): My Favourite Things (180g)26.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): Blue Train-Mono & Stereo Versions (180g Vinyl)26.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): My favorite things (180g)26.99 €
Column, Durutti: Return Of The Durutti Column27.99 €
Common: Be -Hq-27.99 €
Congo Ashanti Roy & Pure: Hard Road26.99 €
Congregacion: Vienne28.99 €
Conor & the Mystic Vall Oberst: Outer South [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Conquering Animal Sound: On Floating Bodies27.99 €
Contempory Funk: Contempory Funk [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Convenant: dreams of a cyrotank PICTURE LP!29.99 €
Cooder, Ry: Down At The Field - The 1974 Broadcast26.99 €
Cooper, Alice: Killer (180g)28.99 €
Cooper, Alice: Trash28.99 €
Cooper,Dale -Quartet-: Metamanoir29.99 €
Copeland: Eat Sleep Repeat26.99 €
Cops, Analogue: Heavy Hands26.99 €
Copy, Cut: Bright Like Neon Love25.99 €
Cornel Campbell meets Soothsay: Nothing Can Stop Us (2LP)26.99 €
Cornelius: Sensuous [Lp] [Ltd. Release] [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Corrosion Of Conformity: Wise Blood (180g)25.99 €
Corrosione/Cattiveria: Split25.99 €
Cortex: Inedit ‘‘79 (import jap25.99 €
Cortex: Goteborg27.99 €
Cortez, Diego: Traumdeutung28.99 €
Coryell, Larry: Spaces26.99 €
Cosmic Eye: Dream Sequence26.99 €
Cosmic Trip Machine: Curse Of Lord Space Devil25.99 €
Cosmos: Saudo Romano A Morte28.99 €
Costello & The Roots, Elvis: Wise Up Ghost28.99 €
Costello, Elvis: Brutal Youth (180g)25.99 €
Counting Crows: Underwater Sunshine (Or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation) (180g)27.99 €
Coven, Moon: Amanita Kingdom26.99 €
Coven, Moon: Amanita Kingdom =Clear=28.99 €
Cowboy Junkies: Renmin Park25.99 €
Cowboy Junkies: The Wilderness (180g)26.99 €
Cowley, Neil: The Face Of Mount Molehill (remastered)25.99 €
Cowley, Patrick: School Daze25.99 €
Cpv: Siempre26.99 €
Crashdiet: Savage Playground, The26.99 €
Crawford,Sample: No Regrets [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Cream: Diraeli Gears (Back-To-Black-Serie inkl. MP3-Download-Code) [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Cream: Fresh Cream [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Cream: Goodbye Cream29.99 €
Creatures: Hai! [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Creed, Martin: Mind Trap28.99 €
Cressida: Cressida [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Cressida: Asylum29.99 €
Cressida: Cressida29.99 €
Crest, Family: Beneath The Brine26.99 €
Cribs: Payola25.99 €
Crickets: T-shirt (1988) [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Crimea, The: Square Moon25.99 €
Crisis: Kollectiv29.99 €
Crom: Hot Sumerian Nights27.99 €
Cromagnon: Cave Rock25.99 €
Crosses: Crosses26.99 €
Crossover: Gloom25.99 €
Crowned In Earth: Vortex Of Earthly Chimes25.99 €
Cruiser, Heavy: Lucky Dog25.99 €
Crystal Antlers: Two-Way Mirror25.99 €
Crystelles: Attach And Detach26.99 €
Cuby & Blizzards: Cats Lost + Cd -Ltd-25.99 €
Cuby & Blizzards: Groeten Uit Grollo29.99 €
Cullum,Jamie: The Pursuit (Vinyl)25.99 €
Cult Of Luna: Vertikal -Hq-26.99 €
Cult Of Luna: Vertikal26.99 €

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