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Vinyl LPs zwischen 25 und 30 Euro

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Belphegor: Walpurgis Rites-Hexenwahn [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Ben Harper: Both Sides of the Gun [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Benoit Pioulard: Temper [Vinyl LP]29.99 €
Benson, George: Beyond The Blue Horizon26.99 €
Berg, Alban (1885-1935): Violinkonzert ‘Dem Andenken eines Engels‘27.99 €
Berg, Rune: Hola27.99 €
Berliner Philharmoniker,Rafael Kubelik: Aus der Neuen Welt (180g) [Vinyl LP]27.99 €
Berntzen, Julian: Ellie & Elliot27.99 €
Berry, Chuck: Berry Is On Top -Hq/Ltd-28.99 €
Berry, Overton: T.O.B.E. + Live At The..29.99 €
Between the Buried and Me: The Parallax II: Future Sequence28.99 €
Bevis Frond, The: White Numbers29.99 €
Beyond, Captain: Live In Texas-October 6 197329.99 €
Bibb,Eric: Blues, Ballads & Work Songs25.99 €
Big Kenny: Quiet Time Of A Rock & Roll Fa28.99 €
Big Star: 3rd [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Bigelf: Cheat the Gallows [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Billing, Johanna: This Is How We Walk On..27.99 €
Billy Joel: Glass House [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Birds Of Delay: A Living Room At The..27.99 €
Bis: Data Panik Etcetera -Ltd-28.99 €
Bishop, Sir Richard: Unrock Tapes28.99 €
Bite The Bullet: Bite The Bullet27.99 €
Bjella, Stein Torleif: Vonde Visu29.99 €
Bjella, Stein Torleif: Heidersmenn29.99 €
Bjork: Voltaic [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
BjĚrk: Bastards28.99 €
Blacc, Aloe: Lift Your Spirit26.99 €
Black Flag: Everything Went Black [Vinyl LP]29.99 €
Black Hole Trio: Black Hole Trio26.99 €
Black Keys: Big Come Up25.99 €
Black Keys: Brothers27.99 €
Black Label Society: Order of the Black [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Black Label Society: Unblackened26.99 €
Black Label Society: Mafia29.99 €
Black Label Society: Sonic Brew29.99 €
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Baby 81 (Deluxe Edition)26.99 €
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Specter At The Feast26.99 €
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Specter At The Feast26.99 €
Black Sabbath: We Sold Our Souls For Rock ‘N‘26.99 €
Black Time: New Vague Themes [Vinyl LP]27.99 €
Black Zombie Procession: Pd-We Have Dirt Under Our27.99 €
Blackbyrds: Walking In Rhythm -..26.99 €
Blackfeather: At The Mouintain Of Madne27.99 €
Blackhorse: Blackhorse25.99 €
Blade, Tokyo: Night Of The.=Coloured=25.99 €
Blade, Tokyo: Tokyo Blade =Coloured=25.99 €
Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, Art: Art Blakey Jazz Messengers28.99 €
Blanche Blanche Blanche: Our Place28.99 €
Blitz, May: Essen 197028.99 €
Blonde, Concrete: Rosalie29.99 €
Blondie.=Tribute=: How Many Bands Does It... [Vinyl LP]29.99 €
Blood Brothers: Burn,Piano Island,Burn [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Blood Ceremony: Living With The Ancients29.99 €
Blood, Fake: Cells26.99 €
Blood, Sweat & Tears: Greatest Hits -Ltd/Hq-28.99 €
Bloodhorse: Horizoner (Dig)26.99 €
Bloodlet: Entheogen28.99 €
Bloomfield,Kooper,Stills: Super Session [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Blue Cheer: Blue Cheer [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Blue, Azure: Beyond The Dreams..28.99 €
Bluebird: Rip USA [Vinyl LP]29.99 €
Blueprint: Adventures In Counter-Culture26.99 €
Blues, Moody: To Our Children‘s25.99 €
Blunt, Doug Hream: Gentle Persuasion25.99 €
Blurry: Lulls29.99 €
Blvd, Diablo: Follow The Deadlights26.99 €
Bob Dylan: Another Side of Bob Dylan (180g Edition) [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Bob Dylan: Bob Dylan (180g Edition) [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Bodo Molitor: Hits Internacionales26.99 €
Bois, Marek: Boissche Untiefen28.99 €
Bokomolech: Mass Vulture25.99 €
Bomb: Indecision26.99 €
Bombino: Agamgam 200429.99 €
Bonaire, Saada: Saada Bonaire28.99 €
Bongripper: Great Barrier Reefer28.99 €
Bonham, Tracy: Burdens Of Being Uptight (180g28.99 €
Boogie Chillen: Early Mods‘ First Choice Vinyl27.99 €
Booker T. & The Mg‘s: Best Of Booker T. & The M.G.‘s28.99 €
Boom Boom Satellites: Umbra [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Boom, Sonic: Spectrum (180g)28.99 €
Boozed: Tight Pants [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Boredoms [Mix By DJ Krush]: Rebore Vol.3 [Non Stop Mix] [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Boredoms [Mix By Ken Ishii]: Rebore Vol.2 [Non Stop Mix] [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Boredoms [Yamatsuka Eye Mix]: Rebore Vol.0 Vision Recreation [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Boris: Attention Please26.99 €
Borknagar: Olden Domain -Hq-28.99 €
Born Ruffians: Red Yellow & Blue [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Boston Blues Works: Vol. 1-Boston Blues Works26.99 €
Both: Both26.99 €
Bottoms, Front: Front Bottoms28.99 €
Boulou,Elios Ferre: Gypsy Dreams [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Bowie, David: Space Oddity-40th Anniversary25.99 €
Bowie, David: Reality27.99 €
Bowie, David: Reality (180g) (Limited Edition) (Translucent Green Vinyl)27.99 €
Bowles, Nathan + Scott: Polar Satellites28.99 €
Box, Orgone: Centaur26.99 €
Boys, Dumdum: Tidmaskin29.99 €
Brains, Factory: Love Like Hours29.99 €
Brandos: Honor among thieves [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Branduardi, Angelo: Cogli La Prima Mela28.99 €
Branduardi, Angelo: Alla Fiera Dell‘Est28.99 €
Brassknuckle Boys: American Bastard [UK-Import] [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Brassknuckle Boys: Appalachian boys28.99 €
Brazilian Beats 6: Brazilian Beats 6 [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Breton: Breton Remixed27.99 €
Brian Jonestown Massacre: Aufheben (180g)26.99 €
Brian Jonestown Massacre: Vol. 1-Tepid Peppermint Wonderland26.99 €
Brian Jonestown Massacre: And This Is Our Music28.99 €
Brian Jonestown Massacre: Revelation29.99 €
Brian Jonestown Massacre, The: Their Satanic Majesties Second26.99 €
Brian Setzer: Setzer Goes Instrumental28.99 €
Bright Eyes: Noise Floor (Rarities 1998-2005) [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
BRIGHT EYES: Lifted Or the Story Is in the [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Bright, Ronnell: The Ronnell Bright Trio (remastered) (180g) (Limited Edition)29.99 €
Brigitte Bardot: And God Created B.B. [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Brigman, George: Jungle Rot26.99 €
Brit‘s Blitz-Very best of British Rock: Manfred Mann, Dusty Springfield, Honeycombs, Peter&Gordon, Chad&Jeremy.. [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
British Sea Power: From The Land To The Sea Beyond28.99 €
Brodsky, Stephen: Hit Or Mystery26.99 €
Broken Bones: Bone Club-the Very Best [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Brother Ali: Shadows in the Sun [Vinyl LP]29.99 €
Brothers, Blues: Briefcase Full Of.. -Ltd-28.99 €
Brothers, Doobie: Toulouse Street28.99 €
Brothers, Doobie: What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits (18028.99 €
Brothers, Doobie: Live At Wolf Trap29.99 €
Brothers, Everly: Rare Solo Classics -Ltd-26.99 €
Brothers, Punch: Who‘s Feeling Young Now?29.99 €
Brothers, Shine: Hello Griefbirds =Red=25.99 €
Brothers, Step: Lord Steppington28.99 €
Broughton, Edgar -Band-: Oora26.99 €
Brown, Danny: Hot Soup28.99 €
Brown, Hollis: Gets Loaded -Ltd-27.99 €
BROWN, JAMES: Think!29.99 €
Brown, Savoy: Blue Matter28.99 €
Brown, Savoy: Shake Down28.99 €
Browne, Jackson: Where The Shadows Fall28.99 €
Bruce Palmer: The Cycle Is Complete [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Bruce Springsteen: We Shall Overcome the Seeger Sessions [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Brume/Oublier Et Mourir: A Year To Live27.99 €
Brunes, B.B.: Long courrier (+lp ltd)28.99 €
Brutality Will Prevail: Suspension Of Consciousness26.99 €
BrĚtzmann/Bennink: Schwarzwaldfahrt25.99 €
BrĚtzmann/Miller/Moholo: The Nearer The Bone, The Sweeter The Meat25.99 €
BrĚtzmann/Miller/Moholo: Opened,But Hardly Touched29.99 €
Buck, Peter: I Am Back To Blow Your Mind Once Again25.99 €
Buckcherry: Confessions26.99 €
Buckley, Jeff: Dreams Of The Way We Were26.99 €
Budd, Harold: Perhaps29.99 €
Budgie: Live In London 197427.99 €
Buene, Eivind: Schubert Lounge27.99 €
Buffalo: Volcanic Rock [Vinyl LP]25.99 €
Bugg, Jake: Jake Bugg27.99 €
Bugocsiga: Bugocsiga25.99 €
Built To Spill: Live26.99 €
Bul, Bul: Hirn Fein Hacken26.99 €
Bullets, Lucky: Dead Man‘S Shoes27.99 €
Bumble B: Flight Of The Bumble B [Vinyl Album] [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Bun B: Trill28.99 €
Bunn, Roger: Piece Of Mind26.99 €
Bunwinkies: Map Of Our New Constellations25.99 €
Buried Alive: Last Rites [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Buried Inside: Spoils of Failure [Vinyl LP]26.99 €
Burke,Solomon: Nothing‘s Impossible26.99 €
Burn Pilot: Passionate (Colored Vinyl)28.99 €
Burning: Burning (180g)26.99 €
Burnt Hills: Outer Bounds Of Sound28.99 €
Burrows, Andy: Company26.99 €
Burton, Gary: Common Ground (180g)29.99 €
Busk,Vidar: Stompin Our Feet With Joy27.99 €
Butler, John Trio: Flesh & Blood26.99 €
Butterfly, Iron: Evolution: Best Of -Ltd-28.99 €
Buzzcocks: Peel Sessions -Ltd-25.99 €
Byrds: Ballad Of Easy Rider (180g)28.99 €
Byrds: Columbia Singles 65-67 [Vinyl LP]29.99 €
Byrds, The: Turn! Turn! Turn! (180 Gram Audiophile V28.99 €
Byrds, The: Preflyte (180 Gramm Vinyl Gatefold Sleeve)29.99 €
BĚhm, Rainer: Familia (180g) (Limited Edition)26.99 €
Cabaret Voltaire: Ost-Johnny Yesno [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Cacciapaglia, Roberto: Sei Note In Logica26.99 €
Cage, John (1912-1992): The 25-Year Retrospective Concert27.99 €
Calculators, Primitive: Primitive Calculators25.99 €
Cale, Jj: Breezin At The Cafe26.99 €
Cali: L‘‘amour parfait29.99 €
California Breed: California Breed (Ltd.Gatefold/Clear-Yellow Vin25.99 €
California Breed: California Breed (Ltd.Gatefold/Black Vinyl/1825.99 €
Callier Terry: What Color Is Love [Vinyl LP]28.99 €
Calva Y Nada: Pd-Dias Felizes -Ltd-28.99 €
Calypsoul 70: Caribbean Soul & Calypso Crossover 1: Calypsoul 70: Caribbean Soul & Calypso Crossover 128.99 €
Camel: Under Age28.99 €
Camelle Hinds: Vibe Alive [Vinyl LP]29.99 €
Campenhout, Roland Van: Snowblind25.99 €
Campenhout, Roland van: Dah Blues Iz-A Comming...27.99 €
Camper Van Beethoven: Our Beloved Revoluti27.99 €
Can: Soon Over Babaluma25.99 €
Can: Monster Movie25.99 €
Can: Landed25.99 €
Can: Can25.99 €
Can: Unlimited Edition25.99 €
Can: Tago Mago25.99 €

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