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Vinyl LPs zwischen 20 und 25 Euro

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Bristols: Tune in With Lp [Vinyl LP]23.99 €
Brooks & The Uptown Sound, Jc: Beat Of Our Own Drum24.99 €
Brother Ali: Champion Ep [Vinyl Maxi-Single]22.99 €
Brother Sun, Sister Moon: Brother Sun,Sister Moon23.99 €
Brothers & Sisters: Dylan‘s Gospel22.99 €
Brothers, Hanson: Sudden Death (remixed & remastered in 2012)21.99 €
Brothers, Meridian: Devocion (Works 2005-11)21.99 €
Brothers, Radar: Eight -Lp+Cd-22.99 €
Brothers, Walker: Nite Flights24.99 €
Brown, Apollo: 12 Reasons To Die -..22.99 €
Brown, Boots: Dashes To Dashes22.99 €
Brown, Danny: OLD22.99 €
Brown, Danny: XXX22.99 €
Brown, Hollis: Ride On The Train20.99 €
Brown,Kaimbr & Kev: Alexander Green Project22.99 €
Browne, Clairy: Baby Caught The Bus24.99 €
Brubeck, Dave (1920-2012): Time Further Out (180g)21.99 €
Brubeck, Dave (1920-2012): We‘re All Together Again For The Fi21.99 €
Brubeck, Dave -Quartet-: Ndr 60 Years Jazz..23.99 €
Bruce Springsteen: Working on a Dream [Vinyl LP]22.99 €
Bruce, Jack: Silver Rails22.99 €
Bruce, Junior: Headless King23.99 €
Bruecken, Claudia: The Lost Are Found (lp)21.99 €
Brume: Ainsi-Soit-Il22.99 €
Brume: Xerxes24.99 €
Bruner: Songs For A Friend20.99 €
Brunvoll, Mari Kvien: Mari Kvien Brunvoll (180g)20.99 €
Brutal Knights: Pd-Living By Yourself20.99 €
Brutality: When The Sky Turns Black23.99 €
Bryan & The Haggards: Merles Just Wanna Have Fun22.99 €
Bryant, Don: Precious Soul23.99 €
Bryant, Jimmy: The Fastest Guitar In The Country23.99 €
Bryant, Precious: Gran‘Mas I‘Ve Never Had21.99 €
Bryant,Precious/Hinton,Algia Mae: Gran‘mas I‘ve Never Had21.99 €
Brnner, Till: Till Brnner21.99 €
Brtzmann/Bennink: Ein Halber Hund Kann Nicht Pin22.99 €
Bsbd/Holocaust: Instrumentals22.99 €
Buck Owens: Country Music [Vinyl LP]20.99 €
Buck, Peter: Peter Buck22.99 €
Buck, Peter: I Am Back To Blow Your Mind On22.99 €
Buckley, Tim: Tim Buckley (180g)21.99 €
Buckley, Tim: Happy Sad (180g)21.99 €
Buckley, Tim: Starsailor (180g)21.99 €
Buckley, Tim: Greetings From L.A. (180g)22.99 €
Buckner, Richard: Bloomed -Lp+Cd-21.99 €
Buckner, Richard: Surrounded23.99 €
Bucknor, Segun: Who Say I Tire24.99 €
Bucky & John Pizzarelli: Passionate Guitars 180 Gram Lp [Vinyl LP]20.99 €
Buddy & Julie Miller: Written in Chalk (180 Gramm Vinyl) [Vinyl LP]23.99 €
Buddy Emmons: Steel Guitar Jazz-Hq Vinyl [Vinyl LP]23.99 €
Buddy Holly: True love ways-20 classic love songs of a legend [Vinyl LP]20.99 €
Buddy Holly: Let S Play House 10inch [Vinyl LP]21.99 €
Buena Vista Social Club: At Carnegie Hall [Vinyl LP]21.99 €
Builders And The Butchers, The: Western Medicine22.99 €
Buildings, Great: Melt Cry Sleep21.99 €
Bullen, Nicholas: Component Fixations21.99 €
Bullets: Final Race21.99 €
Bullets, The: Sweet Misery22.99 €
Bullfight: Stranger Than The Night21.99 €
Bullion: You Drive Me To Plastic21.99 €
Bunch, Wyld: Unbreakable20.99 €
Bunch,Jimmy Castor: It‘s Just Begun22.99 €
Bunker 66: Infern Interceptrs (Rot/Weisses Splatter Vinyl)24.99 €
Bunkerlab: Scratch Invasion22.99 €
Bunkerlab: Necessary Tools22.99 €
Bunyan, John -Progressive: Apricot Brandy &..23.99 €
Burch, Paul: Fevers (Lp Vinyl)20.99 €
Burdon,Eric: Soul Of A Man22.99 €
Burgess, Tim: 7-Oh No I Love You More23.99 €
Burial Hex: Initiations [Vinyl LP]20.99 €
Burial Hex: Hunger22.99 €
Burial Hex,Zola Jesus: Untitled [Vinyl LP]21.99 €
Burn Pilot: Passionate22.99 €
Burnin Red Ivanhoe: Bri21.99 €
Burnin‘ Red Ivanhoe: W.W.W.22.99 €
Burning Babylon: Knives to the Treble [Vinyl LP]20.99 €
Burning Brides: Hang Love [Vinyl LP]22.99 €
Burning Saviours: Nymphs & Weavers -Ltd-20.99 €
Burning Star Core: Papercuts Theater [Vinyl LP]20.99 €
Burns, Aisha: Life In The Midwater20.99 €
Bursch,Peter & Bröselmaschine: Bröselmaschine 222.99 €
Busdriver: Jhelli Beam [Vinyl LP]21.99 €
Bush: 16 Stone22.99 €
Bush: Razorblade Suitcase22.99 €
Bushman‘S Revenge: You Lost Me at Hello [Vinyl LP]22.99 €
Bushmans Revenge: Jitterbug24.99 €
Butler, John: Flesh & Blood22.99 €
Butler,John: April Uprising20.99 €
Butterfield Blues Band: Paul Butterfield Blues Band ( [Vinyl LP]23.99 €
Butterfield Blues Band: In My Own Dream (180g Editio [Vinyl LP]23.99 €
Buttrich,Martin: Crash Test23.99 €
Byrd, Donald: Jazz Lab22.99 €
Byrds: Mr. Tambourine Man (180g)21.99 €
Byrds: Fifth Dimension (180g)21.99 €
Byrds: Younger Than Yesterday (180g)21.99 €
Byrds: The Notorious Byrd Brothers (180g)21.99 €
Byrds: Sanctuary (180g Vinyl Edition) [Vinyl LP]23.99 €
Byrds: Sanctuary III (180g Edition) [Vinyl LP]23.99 €
Byrds, The: Dr.Byrds & Mr.Hyde21.99 €
Byrds, The: Ballad Of Easy Rider (180g)21.99 €
Byrds, The: Turn, Turn, Turn (180g)21.99 €
Byrds, The: Straight For The Sun22.99 €
Byrne, Julie: Rooms With Windows And..21.99 €
Byrnes, Jim: St Louis Times22.99 €
Byzar: Gaiatronyk [Vinyl LP]20.99 €
Bzb: 721.99 €
C.O.M.A.: Clinik Organik Muzak..24.99 €
Cabrel,Francis: Hors Saison22.99 €
Cacciapaglia, Roberto: Sei Note In.. -Cd+Dvd-20.99 €
Cacciapaglia, Roberto: Sonanze -Cd+Dvd-20.99 €
Cactus Channel, The: Haptics23.99 €
Cage: Science Of Annihilation21.99 €
Cage: Supremacy Of Steel (Limited Edition)21.99 €
Cage The Elephant: Melophobia (Vinyl)24.99 €
Cage, John (1912-1992): Cheap Imitation20.99 €
Cale, J.J.: Grasshopper (180g)23.99 €
Cale, J.J.: Naturally (180g)24.99 €
Cale, John: Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood (180g)21.99 €
Cale, John: Vintage Violence (180g)21.99 €
Calhoun: Heavy Sugar22.99 €
Califfi, I: Fiore Di Metallo22.99 €
Califone: Stitches20.99 €
Call, Freedom: Beyond -Lp+Cd-22.99 €
Callenish Circle: Pd [Vinyl LP]23.99 €
Callers: Life of Love [Vinyl LP]20.99 €
Calm, Exit: The Future Isn‘t What It Used20.99 €
Calm, Hostage: Hostage Calm22.99 €
Cam, Dj: Westside 2004-200722.99 €
Cam, Dj: Vintage Beats 1999-0323.99 €
Camden, Ken: Space Mirror22.99 €
Camden, Ken: Lethargy & Repercussion24.99 €
Camden,Ken: Lethargy & Repercussion22.99 €
Camel: Moonmadness (180g)24.99 €
Camilo, Michel: Why Not?22.99 €
Caminiti, Evan: Night Dust24.99 €
Camisasca, Massimo: La Finestra Dentro24.99 €
Camp Lo: Uptown Saturday Night [Vinyl LP]22.99 €
Campbell, Jo-Ann: I‘M Nobody‘S Baby20.99 €
Campbell, Miguel: Back In Flight School22.99 €
Campilongo, Jim: Orange (180g) (Limited Edition) (Orange Vinyl)21.99 €
Can: Out Of Reach20.99 €
Canamii: Concept -Hq-24.99 €
Cancer Bats: Birthing The Giant (Coloured V22.99 €
Cancer Bats: Dead Set On Living23.99 €
Candie Hank: Kimouchi [Vinyl LP]22.99 €
Canibus: Mic Club: the Curriculum [Vinyl LP]22.99 €
Cannonball Adderley: Somethin Else [Lp+CD] [Vinyl LP]22.99 €
Cannonball Adderley Quintet,Cannonball Adderley,John Coltrane,Wynton Kelly,Paul Chambers,Jimmy Cobb: In Chicago [Vinyl LP]24.99 €
Capone-N-Noreaga: War Report20.99 €
Capricorn, Black: Born Under The Capricorn22.99 €
Capsicum Red: Appunti Per Un‘Idea Fissa22.99 €
Captain Beefheart: Dust Sucker [Vinyl LP]22.99 €
Caravan, Dub: Breath Of Peace (Dub Caravan Meets Hornsman Coyote22.99 €
Caravan, Vintage: Voyage21.99 €
Cardboard Village: Sea Change [Vinyl LP]20.99 €
Cardinal: Cardinal -Lp+Cd-22.99 €
Cardopusher: Unity Means Power [Vinyl LP]20.99 €
Carey, S.: Range Of Light -Ltd-21.99 €
Carey,S.: All We Grow20.99 €
Carl Perkins: Born to Rock [Vinyl LP]22.99 €
Carla Bozulich: Evangelista [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP]20.99 €
Carlsen, Petter: Clocks Don‘t Count20.99 €
Carlson, Magnus: Echoes20.99 €
Carlton Melton: Photos Of Photos23.99 €
Carlton Melton: Always Even23.99 €
Carmel, Mount: Get Pure20.99 €
Carmo, Carlos Do: A Noite22.99 €
Carnesi, Nicolo‘: Ho Una Galassia..22.99 €
Carnifex: Die Without Hope22.99 €
Carnifex: Die Without Hope [Pink Vinyl]22.99 €
Carnivore: Carnivore [Vinyl LP]21.99 €
Carnivore: Retaliation [Vinyl LP]21.99 €
Carole King: Her Greatest Hits [Vinyl LP]21.99 €
Carole King: Tapestry (Remastered) [Vinyl LP]22.99 €
Carolyn Mark,Nq Arbuckle: Let‘S Just Stay Here [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP]20.99 €
Carr, Helen: Down In The Depths Of The 90th Floor22.99 €
Carroll, Marc: In Silence22.99 €
Carrots, The: New Romance (LP)22.99 €
Cars & Trains: We Are All Fine20.99 €
Carter & Pat Murano, Tom: Tom Carter & Pat Murano22.99 €
Carter Tutti Void: Transverse (LP + CD)21.99 €
Case: Blackwood24.99 €
Case, Neko: Furnace Room Lullabye22.99 €
Cash Johnny: At San Quentin [Vinyl LP]24.99 €
Cash, Johnny: With His Hot.. -Lp+Cd-20.99 €
Cash, Johnny: Now Here‘S.. -Lp+Cd-20.99 €
Cash, Johnny: The Fabulous Johnny Cash (180g) (LP + CD)21.99 €
Cash, Johnny: Fabulous Johnny Cash (Mono)21.99 €
Cash, Johnny: Fabulous Johnny Cash22.99 €
Cash, Johnny: Rockabilly Blues22.99 €
Cash, Johnny: American Iv:Man Comes..22.99 €
Cash, Johnny: Ride This Train22.99 €
Cash, Johnny: Unseen Cash From William Speer‘s Studio (180g) (Ltd. Edt.)24.99 €
Cash, Johnny Vs Bob Dylan: The Singer And The Song22.99 €
Cash, Rosanne: River & The Thread22.99 €
Cash,Johnny: 16 Biggest Hits (180g)21.99 €
Cash,Johnny: At San Quentin21.99 €
Cash,Johnny: At San Quentin23.99 €
Cash,Johnny: Rock Island Line23.99 €
Caspian: You Are The Conductor22.99 €

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