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Vinyl LPs zwischen 10 und 15 Euro

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Charge 69: Conflit Interne11.99 €
Chariots: Congratulations [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Charles, Ray: Dedicated To You12.99 €
Charles, Ray: Ray Charles At Newport12.99 €
Charles, Ray: The Genius Of Ray Charles (140g) (Limited Edition) (Clear Vinyl)14.99 €
Charleston Chasers: Charleston Chasers [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Charlie Barnet: Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Charlie Embryo & K.C.P.& Mariano: Live [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Charlie Spivak: Charlie Spivak & His Orchestra [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Cheap Sex: Written in Blood [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Cheap Sex: Launch Off to War [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Checkpoint Charlie: Krawall im Schweinestall [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Checkpoint Charlie: Gurglersinfonie [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Chefket: Guter Tag Mixtape11.99 €
Cherry O Baby: Cherry O Baby [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Cherry, Don: Mu 2Nd Part14.99 €
Chet Baker: Chet [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Chicago In The Twenties / Var: Chicago In The Twenties / Vari11.99 €
Chicago Rhythm: Round Evening [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Chiddy Bang: The Preview [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Chief: Shadow Collision14.99 €
Chimps: Live at the Safari Club [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Chisel: Set You Free [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Chixdiggit!: Safeways Here We Come12.99 €
Chop,Mr.: Lightworlds13.99 €
Christ On A Crutch: Shit Edge/Spread Your Filth13.99 €
Christ, Evian: Waterfall10.99 €
Christian Death: Only Theatre of Pain [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Christie & Everly Brothers, Lou: Pop‘ 60‘s12.99 €
Christine & The Queens: Nuit 17 A 52 -Lp+Cd-12.99 €
Christmas Decorations: Model 91 [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Chrome: Half Machine Lip Moves13.99 €
Chronics: It‘s Too Late [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Chubbies: Your Favorite Everything [Vinyl Maxi-Single]12.99 €
Church, Eric: Sinners Like Me13.99 €
Cifer, Lou: Tedtoed10.99 €
Cinderella: Interview Picture Disc14.99 €
Circulus: Clocks Are Like People [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Ciril: Sick Surreal12.99 €
Citizen Fish: Active Ingredients [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
City Boy: City Boy [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
City of a Million Dreams: City of a Million Dreams [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Civil Twilight: Holy Weather12.99 €
Clark, Mattie Moss: Wages Of Sin14.99 €
Clark, Petula: This Is My Song (Downtown)12.99 €
Clark, Sonny (1931-1963): Blues In The Night11.99 €
Clarke/ Denn, Claudelle: Reggae Songs Of Praise10.99 €
Classic Jazz Quartet: Classic Jazz Quartet [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Claudelle Clarke: Prayer [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Clay Otis: Watch Me Now [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Clear Horizon: Clear Horizon [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Clement Derrick Penny: Clash of Iries [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Click Here: Jaipur Ep13.99 €
Click Here: Delhi To Sevilla Ep13.99 €
Clickclickdecker: Nichts für Ungut [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Clickclickdecker: Ich Habe Keine Angst Vor...(Reissue+Download)14.99 €
Clit 45: Self-Hate Crimes [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Clone Defects: Shapes of Venus [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Clue to Kalo: One Way It‘S Every Way [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Cobra: Spot Light [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Cobra Killer & Kapajkos: Das Mandolinenorchester [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Cobra Skulls: American Rubicon (Lim.E14.99 €
Cobra Verde: Vintage Crime [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Cobretti: Axis Ep13.99 €
Cocker, Joe: Fire It Up-Live14.99 €
Coco & Sus Orates Lagos: Ritmo Caliente [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Cocoa Tea: I M the Toughest [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Cocoa Tea: Come Love Me [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Cocoa Tea,Ranks Shabba: Holding on [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Cococoma: Spectrum Of Sounds13.99 €
Coldfeet: Bodypop [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Coldfeet: Superthing(12inch)14.99 €
Coldplay: Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall13.99 €
Coldplay: A Rush of Blood to the Head [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Coleman, Ornette: Tomorrow Is The Question!12.99 €
Coleman, Ornette: Something Else!12.99 €
Collaboration: Do It Properly14.99 €
Collection, Country: 20 Greatest14.99 €
Color, Living: Interview Picture Disc (1988-Chris Telly)14.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): My Favorite Things11.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): Coltrane Time12.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): The Last Trane12.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): Black Pearls12.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): Settin‘ The Pace12.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): Traneingin / Trane Of..12.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): Bahia12.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): Art Blakey‘s Big Band & Quintet12.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): Africa12.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): Wells Fargo12.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): Africa / Brass12.99 €
Coltrane, John (1926-1967): Coltrane Plays The Blues12.99 €
Combichrist: Heat Ep:All Pain Is Beat [Vinyl Single]14.99 €
Come Home: Come Home [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Come Pick Cherry: Come Pick Cherry [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Commandant Cadet & Les Py: Premi Viraz13.99 €
Common: One Day It‘ll All Make Sense [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Common Enemy: As the world burns13.99 €
Common Enemy: Living The Dream?14.99 €
Computer Cougar: Rough Notes on High Stress [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Confrontation / Various: Confrontation / Various10.99 €
Conga Fury: Dear Friends [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Conga Fury: Chaotic Noise [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Connie Berry: Wouldja for a Big Red Apple [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Consignment / Various: Consignment / Various10.99 €
Constantines: Tournament of Hearts [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Constants: If Tomorrow the War [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Constructions, Wooden: People Now People10.99 €
Contact: Hon Kom Over Mon14.99 €
Control: Punk Rock Ruined My Life14.99 €
Control, In: Nard Curse14.99 €
Controllers: Controllers [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Cooder, Ry: Bop Till You Drop14.99 €
Cooder, Ry: Borderline14.99 €
Cool Ragga Mix: Cool Ragga Mix [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Coon Sanders Original Nighthaw: 2 1927 1932 [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Cor: Prekariat [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Corduroy Celebration: Corduroy Celebration [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Coryell,Larry (geb.1943): Moonlight Whispers (180g)12.99 €
Costello, Elvis: Wise Up: Thought Rem14.99 €
Cotton Joseph: No Touch the Style [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Cotzraiz: Fehlpressung13.99 €
Couch: Figur 5 [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Coulter,Clifford: Better Part Of Me10.99 €
Count Basie: One O‘Clock Jump [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Country Teasers: Empire Strikes Back [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Counts IV: Discussion of the Unorthodox C [Vinyl Single]14.99 €
Coven, Pendle: Hex14.99 €
Coven, Pendle: Habitual Stress14.99 €
Cowslingers: Bullseye10.99 €
Crackdown / Hiroshima M: Broken Guitars & Trashy Bars14.99 €
Cradle Of Filth: Darkly,Darkly,Venus Ave13.99 €
Crawford,Carolyn: Heartaches11.99 €
Crazy Horse: Crazy Horse (180g)14.99 €
Cream: Wheels of Fire [Live] [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Creation: With Felix Pappalardi11.99 €
Creation: Pure Electric Soul11.99 €
Creed, Helios: X-Rated Fairy.. -Lp+Cd-10.99 €
Crenshaw, Marshall: Driving & Dreaming12.99 €
Crew: Doin‘ Overtime10.99 €
Crim Desire: Every Day In Chains12.99 €
Crispus Attucks: Destroy the Teacher [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Criteria: When We Break [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Crobot: Crobot12.99 €
Crosby Bing: Crosbyana the Fabulous Rice 2 [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Crucial Unit: These Colors Get The Runs14.99 €
Crucifixion, Black: Promethean Gift12.99 €
Crucifixion, Black: Hope Of Retaliation12.99 €
Crusaders: Middle Age Rampage [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Crushing Caspars Vs.Cor,Cor,Crushing Caspars: Baltic Sea for Life [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Crushstory: A+ ELECTRIC12.99 €
Cry of Atlantis: Cry of Atlantis [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Crystal Antlers: Ep [Vinyl Maxi-Single]11.99 €
Csc Funk Band: Things Are Getting Too Casual13.99 €
Culteral Roots: Cultural Roots [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Cultural Consciousness: Cultural Consciousness / Vario10.99 €
Culture Louie: Ganga Lee [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Culture, Resistant: Welcome To Reality13.99 €
Cunneen,Dan: Answer B/W Shoot &Share!10.99 €
Curtis Tony: Designing Woman [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Customers: Green Bottle Thursday12.99 €
Cuts, Dojo: Dojo Cuts Ft. Roxie Ray14.99 €
Cyclone: The First of the Cyclone Men [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
d William Drake: Yews Paw [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
D‘ Soca Zone / Various: D‘ Soca Zone / Various13.99 €
D-Formation & David: What U Want14.99 €
D-Tension: D-Tiddy S Breaks Beats & Boobs [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
D.C., Parkinson: Albanige -Ltd.-10.99 €
D.K.F.: Larmpegel Maximum11.99 €
D.R.I.: Crossover -Millenium..11.99 €
D.R.I.: Dirty Rotten Lp [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Dackelblut: Dackelblut - Schützen & Fördern [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Dackelblut: Fluten & Tauchen [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Dad: Vitro13.99 €
Daddy Screw: Loverman [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Daedelus: Righteous Fists Of Harm10.99 €
Dagda: Endless Betrayal14.99 €
Dahlback, John: Now It‘s Not Summer: The Remixes14.99 €
Daily Terror: Lebenswut-Picture Lp [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Daily, Pete: And His Chicagoans14.99 €
Dam Mantle: Grey12.99 €
Dammit, Big: Astroworld/Astrodome11.99 €
Damniam: Madam In (lim.Ed.)14.99 €
Damsel: Distressed [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Dance Sixties: Dance Sixties [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Dancehall Kings: Vol.2-Dancehall Kings [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Dancehall Queens: Dancehall Queens [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Dancehall, Ram: Ram Dancehall12.99 €
Dancing at Confectioners Hall: Dancing at Confectioners Hall [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Dangerhouse: Vol.1-Dangerhouse [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Dangerhouse: Vol.2-Give Me a Little Pain [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Dapogny,Jim: Back Home In Illinois12.99 €
Dappled Cities: Granddance14.99 €
Darkest Hour: The Human Romance14.99 €
Darwin‘S Theory: Darwin‘S Theory [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
das Bierbeben: Alles Fällt 2lp [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Das Original Oberkreuzber: Kuschelrotz -10‘-14.99 €
Das Pussyhound: Was Is Das [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Dave Whitney: Jazz Sound of Dave Whitney [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
David Guetta: Pop Life [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
David Lee Roth: Skyscraper (1988) [Vinyl LP]12.99 €

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