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Vinyl LPs zwischen 10 und 15 Euro

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All Fruits Ripe: All Fruits Ripe [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Allegiance: Overlooked [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Allez-Allez: Hideous Racket Ep12.99 €
Aloha: Here Comes Everyone [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Alpha Boy School: One in a Million [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Alps, Sic: She‘s On Top13.99 €
Altair Nouveau: Space Fortress [Vinyl Maxi-Single]11.99 €
Alter Ego: Why Not [Ep] [Vinyl Maxi-Single]14.99 €
Alva: Slattery For Ungdom14.99 €
Amazing: Wait For A Light To Come14.99 €
Ambelique: Sings the Classics [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Amen 81: The Hitpit (Reissue+Download)14.99 €
America: Ventura Highway (180g) (Limited Edition)13.99 €
America/John/Randyvw: Love‘ 70‘s12.99 €
American Steel: Destroy Their Future [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
American Steel: Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Amoon, Alex: I‘m The Virus14.99 €
Anasazi: Calculating Components... [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Andrew Coleman: Blame It on Adam [Vinyl Maxi-Single]10.99 €
Andy Votel: All Ten Fingers [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Angst Pop: Odipus Rex 201210.99 €
Ann Beretta: Wild,Young,And Free (+Download)14.99 €
Annexus Quam: Osmose12.99 €
Annihilator: Waking the Fury (Re-Release Incl.Bonus Material) [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Anodyne: Remix Ep14.99 €
Anonyme: Hospitessen13.99 €
Anthony Pad: Cant Hold Me [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Anti Flag / Bouncing Souls: Split Series 4 [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Anti-Flag: The People Or the Gun [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Antillectual: Silencing Civilization [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Antillectual: Testimony [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Antiseen: Antiseen/Brodys Militia10.99 €
Antitainment: Ich Kannte Die,Da Waren13.99 €
Apache Scratchie: Father & Son [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Apes And Horses: Bleu Nuit14.99 €
Aquilina, Lucio: Feeling Plastik14.99 €
Aquilina, Lucio: Squared Circle & Disco Bus Remix14.99 €
Araujo, Eduardo: A Onda E Boogaloo13.99 €
ArchimeDe: Trafalgar13.99 €
Architect: Noise Is Out Of Stock14.99 €
Argy Bargy: Hopes Dreams Lies & Schemes13.99 €
Arliss Nancy: Simple Machines (+Download)14.99 €
Arm,Crazy: Union City Breath14.99 €
Armagedom/Forca: Split13.99 €
Armitage Shanks: Urinal Heap [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Arms And Sleepers: Matador-Remixes12.99 €
Armstrong, Louis (1901-1971): Louie And... (140g)12.99 €
Arnold, Rev. Harvey: You‘re In The We Number11.99 €
Arrow: Arrow14.99 €
Arson Anthem: Arson Anthem [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Arthur Lyman: Puka Shells [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Articles of Faith: Complete Vol.2 [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Articles of Faith: Complete Vol.1 [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Articles Of Faith: New Normal Catastrpohe13.99 €
Artikelimport 0308: Polar Bear With Jyager Common Ground14.99 €
Artikelimport 0310: Meads Of Asphodel, The The Murder Of Jesus The Jew13.99 €
Artikelimport 5: Big Science Skyscraper Sound12.99 €
Artikelimport 5: Incognito Transatlantic Rpm14.99 €
Artikelimport 5: Hooker, John Lee Driftin‘ Thru The.. -Hq-14.99 €
Asayake Production: Rock Up/last Ride(7‘)13.99 €
Ascension: Abomination13.99 €
Ash, Marvin: Marvin Ash14.99 €
Ashby: Looks Like You Ve Already Won [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Ashers: Kill Your Master -Hq-14.99 €
Ashes Of Pompeii: Places14.99 €
Ashtabula: River of Many Dead Fish [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Ashtray Navigations: Plastic Projection13.99 €
Asia: Astra14.99 €
Askeleton: Personalization [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Aspera: Back When Love [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Aspiradoras, Las: Haciendo Amigos13.99 €
Aspiradoras,Las: Mil Punaladas13.99 €
Astro Zombies,The: From Strength To Streng14.99 €
Atmosphere: Sad Clown Bad Winter 1112.99 €
Atmosphere: Overcast [Vinyl Maxi-Single]13.99 €
Atom & His Package: Hamburgers11.99 €
Attack in Black: The Curve of the Earth [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Audision: Red Sky14.99 €
Authority Zero: The Tipping Point14.99 €
Avail: Front Porch Stories [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Avalon, Frankie: Greatest Hits12.99 €
Avery: Lie,Cheat & Steal [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Awaken Demons: The Mirror (+bonus)14.99 €
Azarath: Praise The Beast13.99 €
Azure Ray: As Above So Below EP13.99 €
B Blacc: Blacc Mac [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
B. Mendelssohn: Symphonien Nr. 4 & 5 [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
B.Fleischmann: The Humbucking Coil [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Baby Lou: Fresh Water In A Dirty Glass13.99 €
Baby,Bobsleigh: Bobsleigh Baby12.99 €
Bacchus: Bacchus13.99 €
Bachelorette: End Of Things13.99 €
Backslide: Join the Backslide Youth [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Backslide: Terror Age [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Backyard Babies: Backyard Babies [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Bad Company: Bad Company [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Bad Drugs: Old Men Young Blood14.99 €
Bad Weather: Bad Weather [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Badness Business: Badness Business [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Bailey,Dave: 2 Feet In The Gutter14.99 €
Bajja Jedd: Bajja [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Baker, Chet (1929-1988): Chet Baker In New York12.99 €
Baker, Chet (1929-1988): Jazz At Ann Arbor12.99 €
Baker, Chet (1929-1988): Chet Baker & Strings12.99 €
Baker, Chet (1929-1988): It Could Happen To You12.99 €
Baker, Chet (1929-1988): Chet12.99 €
Baker, Chet (1929-1988): Sings & Plays12.99 €
Baker, Chet (1929-1988): ... With Strings (140g) (Limited Edition) (Clear Vinyl)14.99 €
Baker, Simon: Plastik/Jitters14.99 €
Balboa: Plague Sermon [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Balboa Burnout: Okhc14.99 €
Balzac: Came Out of the Grave [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Band of Black Watch: Sands of Time [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Band, Dazz: Let It Whip / Rick James / Jac13.99 €
Bandits: Bandits [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Bandits: Algo Especial (+CD)14.99 €
Bang: Death Of A Country13.99 €
Banger,Brain: Yellow Belly14.99 €
Banner Pilot: Collapser14.99 €
Barbara & Lippok,Robert Morgenstern: Tesri [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Barbara Jones: Jesus Is Calling [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Barbara Morgenstern: The Grass Is Always Greener [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Barnes, Sidney: Standing On Solid Ground13.99 €
Barnshakers,The: Shakes The Barn (10‘)10.99 €
Barrow, Keith: Physical Attraction12.99 €
Barrow,Keith: Physical Attraction13.99 €
Barry, Tim: 40 Miler14.99 €
Barry,Tim: Manchester14.99 €
Bars: Introducing [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Bassholes: Deaf Mix 3 [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Bassholes: Secret Strength of Depression [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Bastions: Bedfellows Part 1: The Bast14.99 €
Bats & Mice: Believe It Mammals13.99 €
Battisti, Lucio: Hegel13.99 €
Battle,Rev. Joe: Get Up Off That Thing12.99 €
Battlefield Band: Home Is Where The Van I14.99 €
Battletorn: Evil Chains [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Batusis: Batusis13.99 €
Bazooka Zirkus: Der Gang Vor Die Hunde13.99 €
Beale Street Sheiks: Chicken You Can Roost..11.99 €
Beatdown, The: The Beatdown13.99 €
Beatdown, The: Walkin‘ Proud13.99 €
Beatles: In The Beginning -Ltd-13.99 €
Beatpoeten: Man Msste Klavier Spielen Knnen14.99 €
Beatsteaks: 48/49 Lp+Bonus [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP]13.49 €
Beautiful New Born Children,the Beautiful New Born Children: Hey People [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Bech, Nils: A Sudden Sickness13.99 €
Beehive & the Barracudas: In Dark Love [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Before Three O Clock: Happen Happened [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Before,The,Riot: The Riot Before (Acoustic,+Dow12.99 €
Beiderbecke Bix: Unheard Bix [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Beirut: Lon Gisland [Vinyl Single]14.99 €
Bell X1: Blue Lights on the Runway [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Belle & Sebastian: Tigermilk [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Bellow, Lone: Lone Bellow14.99 €
Bellowhead: Matachin [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Ben From Corduroy: Fab Guiro!14.99 €
Ben Harper: Alone-Live Ep [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Ben Harper: Will to Live-Live Ep [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Ben Lee: Ripe (180 Gramm Vinyl) [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Benassi Bros.: Pumphonia [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Benji Risto: Wickedest DJ [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Benni Hemm Hemm: Retaliate [Vinyl Single]12.99 €
Bernd Witthser: Lieder Von Vampiren,Nonnen und Toten [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Berserkerz: Berserkerz [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Besnard Lakes: Albatross11.99 €
Betontod: Antirockstars14.99 €
Betontod: Entschuldigung fr nichts14.99 €
Bible Church of Christ: Something Inside of Me [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Big Boy Henry: Strut His Stuff13.99 €
Big Boy Henry: I‘M Not Lying This Time13.99 €
Big John Bates: Bangtown [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Big Maybelle/Terry Timmons: I‘ve Got A Feeling/Got Nobody To Love13.99 €
Big Sandy & the Fly-Rite Trio: Fly Right With... [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Biga Ranx: The World Of Biga Ranx And Maffi14.99 €
Bill Clifton: Beatle Crazy Picture Disc [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Billy Cobham: Crosswinds [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Billy Strange: Great Western Themes [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Billy Talent: Billy Talent [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Birds of Avalon: Bazaar Bazaar [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Birds of Avalon: Uncanny Valley [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Bishop: Drugs14.99 €
Bishop: Drugs Lp14.99 €
Bishop & Family Manning: Singing [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Bitches N Bastards: Bitchslaps! [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Bitter Blood: Bitter Blood [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Black & Brown: Instrumentals14.99 €
Black Atlantic, The: Darkling, I Listen10.99 €
Black Cat Music: Hand in the Estuary,Torso in the.. [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Black Feet: Black Feet12.99 €
Black Grape: In the Name of the Father [12 [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Black Joe & the Honeybea Lewis: Tell Em What Your Name Is! [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Black Kali Ma,Black Kali Ma (With Gary Floyd: You Ride the Pony (I‘Ll Be the Bunny) [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Black Knots: Guitarmageddon13.99 €
Black Magic Six: Halfway To Hell14.99 €
Black Mamba Beat: Black Mamba Beat12.99 €
Black Moon: Enta Da Stage [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Black Sea: Black Sea [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Black Spiders: Sonds Of The North14.99 €
Black Sun: Paralyzer13.99 €

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