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Vinyl LPs zwischen 10 und 15 Euro

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Davis Carlene: Echoes of Love [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Davis Carlene: Jesus Is Only a Prayer Away [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Davis Carlene: Taking Control [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Davis John: Leave Home [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Davis John,Callaci Dennis: Room for Space [Ep] [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Davis, Jed: Cutting Room Floor14.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Jazz Track -Lp+Cd-10.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Walkin‘12.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Relaxin‘ With The Miles Davis Quintet12.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Steamin‘ With The Miles Davis Quintet12.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Cookin With The Miles Davis Quintet12.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Workin‘ With The Miles Davis Quintet12.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Diggin‘ With Miles..12.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Kind Of Blue12.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Miles Davis At Carnegie Hall 112.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Miles Davis Quartet12.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Miles Davis At Carnegie Hall 212.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Lift To The Scaffold12.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Sketches Of Spain (140g)12.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Round About... (140g)12.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Birth Of The Cool (140g)12.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Kind Of Blue (140g) (Limited Edition) (Clear Vinyl)14.99 €
Davis, Miles (1926-1991): Walkin‘ (140g) (Limited Edition) (Clear Vinyl)14.99 €
Davis, Tyrone: Home Wrecker14.99 €
Davis,Miles (1926-1991): Birth Of The Cool (180g)11.99 €
Davison/Saunders: In a Mellow Tone [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Dawn Of Azazel: Law Of The Strong13.99 €
Dayinthelife: Dayinthelife [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Daytona, Ray & Googoobomb: Caballero10.99 €
Dead Heart Bloom: Strange Waves14.99 €
Dead Kenny Gs: Gorelick14.99 €
Dead Low Tide: Dead Low Tide [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Dead to Me: Little Brother [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Dead to Me: Cuban Ballerina [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Dead To Me: Moscow Penny Ante14.99 €
Dead United: Night feature10.99 €
Dead, Get: Bad News14.99 €
Deadfall: Destroyed By Your Own Dev14.99 €
Deadweight: Stroking The Moon10.99 €
Dean Fraser: Retrospect [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Dean Fraser: Verdict [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Dean Hudson: Dean Hudson & His Orchestra-No [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Dean Owens: Whisky Hearts [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Dean, James: Deans Lament13.99 €
Dear John Letter: Between Leaves/Forestal [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Death Comet Crew: Dcc America [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Death, Mr.: Death Suits You13.99 €
Death, Napalm: Utopia Banished14.99 €
Dee Brown: Change Gonna Come [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Deep Purple: The Book Of Taliesyn13.99 €
Defeatist/Triac/Asra: Split14.99 €
Defence, In: Party Lines And Politics13.99 €
Defence, In: Don‘T Know How To Breakda13.99 €
Defiance: Out of the Ashes [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Degree: Yeah Man [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Del Rey: Immemorial12.99 €
Delilah: Mix Tape14.99 €
Demise, Your: The Golden Age (180g) (Limited Edition) (Colored Vinyl)12.99 €
Demolition Doll Rods: There Is a Difference [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Demolition Doll Rods: Tasty [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Den, Bear‘s: Agape10.99 €
Denim, White: Takes Place In Your Work Space12.99 €
Dennis Brown: Temperature Rising [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Denroy Morgan: Salvation [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Denson, Soulive/Karl: Spark -Ep-13.99 €
Dent & His Magnificent Uke May: Good Feeling Music of Dent May [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Derek Lara: All About Life [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Der_Warrior: Ehrenfeld314.99 €
Descendents: Cool to Be You [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Deskonocidos: En La Oscuridad14.99 €
Destructor: Forever In Lea.=Coloured=12.99 €
Detectors: Deny (Limited Edition)14.99 €
Determine: Rock the World [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Determine: Freedom Chant [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Dettmann, Marcel: Quicksand/Getaway14.99 €
Devils & Shne: Black Shack Bop14.99 €
Devo: Total Devo [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Dezinfekce: Staci Najit Duvod13.99 €
Diamond Youth: Orange12.99 €
Die Monitr Batss: Girlz of War [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Diesel Boy: Rode Hard and Put Away Wet [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Diesel Boy: Cock Rock12.99 €
DIESLER: Tie Breakers13.99 €
Difranco, Ani: Little Plastic Remixes13.99 €
Digital Blend: Vol.2-Digital Blend [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Dijf Sanders: To Be a Bob [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Dillinger Four: Situationist Comedy [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Dils: Class War [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Dimensions: Antelope13.99 €
Dimlaia: Dimlaia14.99 €
Dion, Cline: Loved Me Back to Life14.99 €
Dirt Daubers, The: Wake Up Sinners14.99 €
Dirty Dozen: by DeVol, feat. Trini Lopez [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Disappears: Live Over The.. -Ltd-14.99 €
Disaster Strikes: Liberty Toast [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Disrupt: Dub Matrix With Stereo..14.99 €
Dissidenten: Tanger Sessions [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Dissolve: That That Isis (Not)11.99 €
Disturbance: Shades of Fear [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Diva: Moon Moods14.99 €
Divine: Shoot Your Shot - Best Of Divine12.99 €
Dixie Five: Dixie Five [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Dixon, Willie: Willie‘s Blues (140g)12.99 €
Dixon, Willie: Walkin‘ The (140g)12.99 €
Dixons: Sympathy Holiday [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
DJ 3d & Capital J: Out Tha Box/Unrealistic [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
DJ Adlib: Tofu & Alter EP10.99 €
DJ Escape: Bangin 3 Ep [Vinyl Single]14.99 €
DJ Gant-Man: Juke Dat Girl [US-Import] [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Dj Js1: Scratch Roulette 213.99 €
DJ Revolution: Big Honky Breaks [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
DJ Riz: Live from Brooklyn Pt.2 [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
DJ S Choice: DJ S Choice [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
DJ Spinna: Vol.1-Compositions [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
DJ Spooky,DJ Spooky With Mad Professor: Dubtometry [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
DJ Streek: These Are the Breaks [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
DJ Tasaka: Mix of Colors Ep [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Django, King: A-side: Anywhere I Roam(with T13.99 €
Doa: Talk Minus Action Equals Zero13.99 €
Doc Mckenzie: I Ve Been Changed [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Doctor Midnight & The Mer: I Declare: Treason14.99 €
Dogs: Suburban Nightmare13.99 €
Dogs, Blank: On Two Sides13.99 €
Dokken: The Anthems (Limited Numbered Edition)12.99 €
Dollyrots: Eat My Heart Out [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Dolphy, Eric (1928-1964): Out There12.99 €
Dolphy, Eric (1928-1964): Outward Bound12.99 €
Don Adams: Meets the Roving Reporter [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Don Adams: Watts Happening [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Don Gibson: Al Capone Memorial Jazz Band [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Don Rimini: Kick N Run Ep [Vinyl Single]10.99 €
Donavon Frankenreiter: Move By Yourself [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Donor/Truss: Perception14.99 €
Doo Wop: State Vs.Doo Wop [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Doors: Strange Days (180g)14.99 €
Doors: Soft Parade (180g)14.99 €
Doors: Morrison Hotel (180g)14.99 €
Dorsey, Tommy (1905-1956): Jamboree14.99 €
Double Naught Spys: Teen Trash Vol.5 [Vinyl LP]10.99 €
Dozier,Lamont: Working On You11.99 €
Dq1: Gud Money/Structive14.99 €
Dr.Billy Dodd: Dr.Billy Dodd& Friends [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Dr.John: Gris Gris14.99 €
Dr.mune & Toya/bambu & Chee: D-e-e-j-e-y/call Me12.99 €
Dragon Turtle,Goodnight Stars Goodnight Air: Split [US-Import] [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Drags: Anxiety14.99 €
Dragstrip 77: Sin City Hotrods [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Dramatics: 5000014.99 €
Dream To Science: Dream To Science14.99 €
Dreams, Young: Flight 37612.99 €
Dred Bass: World of Music [12 [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Driftenet: Sample Of No Commercial..13.99 €
Duane Eddy: 21 Greatest Guitar Hits [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Dubsensemania: You Know I Love You(10‘)(ltd.r14.99 €
Dudes, Crucial: 61 Penn14.99 €
DUH: Blowhard14.99 €
Dukes of Hamburg: Bad Side of July: Dukes of Earl [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Dukes Of The Mist: Ich Brauch Meine Tabletten (+c13.99 €
Dum Dum Girls: Dum Dum Girls13.99 €
Duran Duran: Is There (Blue Vinyl)10.99 €
Dus-Ti: 201114.99 €
Dusters: Simplicity14.99 €
Dusty Rhodes & the River Band: Palace & Stage [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Dutch Uncles: Dutch Uncles [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Duvall, Huelyn: Today & Yesterday14.99 €
Dyad10: Sugar14.99 €
Dylan, Bob: Bob Dylan -Ltd-14.99 €
Dynamics: What A Shame14.99 €
Dynazty: Sultans Of Sin -Ltd-14.99 €
Dsenjger: Blindflug14.99 €
Eagle Brass Band: Last of the Line [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Eagulls: EP10.99 €
Ear Pwr: Super Animal Brothers Iii14.99 €
Earl Zinger: Put Your Phazers on Stun Throw [Vinyl LP] [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Earlston Ford: We Re Gonna Make It [Vinyl LP]11.99 €
Earpeace: Earpeace Ep [Ep] [Vinyl Single]12.99 €
Earth: Pentastar : in the Style of Demons [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
East Rebels: Mit Aller Gewalt...11.99 €
East Side Sound: Vol.2-East Side Sound [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
ed Polcer: In the Condon Tradition [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Eddie & Fla. Spirituala: Just Meet Me In Glory11.99 €
Eddie & the Subtitles: Fuck You Eddie! [Vinyl LP]13.99 €
Eddie Boyd: Midnight Special [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Eddy Howard: Eddy Howard & His Orchestra [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Eddy Mitchell: Happy Birthday [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Eddyhez: Weltschmerz [Vinyl Maxi-Single]11.99 €
Eden: Judgement Day 4 Track Mlp (blue Vinyl/ltd.ed.)12.99 €
Eden House: Timeflows (180g) (EP)10.99 €
Edith Frost: It‘S a Game [Vinyl LP]12.99 €
Edwards, Fluerette: Illusion10.99 €
Edwards,Max: Rockers Arena11.99 €
Eek-A-Mouse: Wa Do Dem12.99 €
Eggs: Bruiser11.99 €
Egyptian Lover: Electro Pharoah/Keep It Hot Re [Vinyl Single]10.99 €
Eight Balls: Oi! The Upper Class12.99 €
Eighteen Visions: Best Of14.99 €
Einstürzende Neubauten: Haus der Lüge [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Einstürzende Neubauten: Halber Mensch [Vinyl LP]14.99 €
Einstürzende Neubauten: Fünf auf der Nach Oben Offenen Richterskala [Vinyl LP]14.99 €

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